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  1. 1. t0rg 01 an Eagle
  2. 2. I ' The eagle has the longest life-span
  3. 3. It can live up to 70 yearsBut to reach this age,the eagle must make a hard decision.
  4. 4. Its long and flexible talons can no longer grab any prey
  5. 5. '3 iv" ' . l..5* ' "' - Il"iZ~. ? l~fIlnj_.=. IH~C = -ir, =.ii". *T x= r.= Iif'1=.1Ti*fIi'iI$~ T 1=Ilti
  6. 6. :5*" r5. Its old,heavy wings,with thick feathers, get stuck to its chest and make flying difficult.
  7. 7. Then,the eagle is left with only two options: i? l1"t= l". ilt= ~. ..or go through a painful process of change which
  8. 8. The eagle flies to a mountain top and sit on its nest
  9. 9. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock.
  10. 10. After breaking it,the eagle waits for a new beak to grow Then it plucks/ out its tal'ons.
  11. 11. When its new talons grow back,the eagle starts plucking its old- feathers.
  12. 12. And after five months,the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and lives for next. .. 30 more years
  13. 13. ANH T.li: .irl. l ll; To survive we have to start a change process. We have to get rid of old /habits and past .traditions. C I. _Only freed from past burdens,can we take advantage of the present.