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Early Adulthood

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Human Development

Human DevelopmentThe Transitions of Early AdulthoodBy Breann ThompsonPSY1170

College and the responsibilities that came with it helped me transition from teenager to adulthood-Lee Thompson Young

What is early adulthood?The time between adolescence and middle age (varies between ages 20-40)Physical abilities are at its peakA bulk of our lives are spent in this developmentIntimate relationships begin to form e.g. marriage, common lawBegin to develop an interest in childhood development by becoming parents

Social ChangesThe timing of an early adulthood life changes will vary among individuals but they do however follow the same sequence known as the social clockSocial clock- a sequence of life experiences in a particular culture such as: moving out of parents house, getting married There are still some people who do not follow the social clock. Others may refer to these types of people as atypical and unusual and will usually take criticism from others

FriendshipGender differences. Women are more personally involved than menFriendships of women are stronger than friendships of menMen tend to form their friendships with work colleaguesWhen people marry, they become more dependant on their spouses for social needsAfter the arrival of children, womens amount of friendships see a decrease

Marriage in Early AdulthoodMarriage remains an important milestone of the young adult yearsMarriage consists of important psychological factors such as: love, nurture & comfort of each other, intimacy, conflict resolution People are getting married a lot later in life than compared to 30 years agoA good marriage is considered beneficial as greater life satisfaction is achieved compared to of those who dont marry

Divorce in Early AdulthoodWhen the psychological factors of marriage have drifted and are no longer there, this may result in a divorce.

Average age of divorce men 44 years, women 41 yearsLikelihood of divorcing is lower in a first marriage than it is in a remarriageStress and depression are two major health problems associated with divorceEffects the social clock and timing for future family roles

ParenthoodMajority of young adult men and women want at least 1 childCouples who are in long-term intimate relationships make having a child to be an important goal 4 types of parenting styles: permissive, authoritative, authoritarian, uninvolved

Parenting StylesPermissive parenting style: parents who are warm, affectionate and high in nurturance but are overly accepting of their childs behaviour good and bad

Authoritative parenting style: a style in parenting that is high in nurturance and warmth and are firm with restrictions and expectations of their child's behaviour

Authoritarian parenting style: is a type of strict parenting style that expects a child to obey the rules that are made by the parents with little or no input from the child

Uninvolved(neglect) parenting style: a parent is emotionally uninvolved in their childs life

Establishing a CareerMen have more continuous careers whereas women often have discontinuous careers due to family needs or having childrenAs being new to the work force, people are often discouraged between their expectations and realityThe average person in their 20s relocates to a new job every 2 years Young adults can sometimes take a bit to get adjusted and settled into their jobs

Work and FamilyCombining work and family can be stressful on most parentsEspecially families who are dual income earners (both parents work)Best to establish a career that has time-flexible policies that are available (e.g. take time off work to take care of a sick child)Work/life balance is both beneficial to employers and employees


Less stressedFelt more committed to workFlex to work from homeHappier marriagesMore productiveArrived to work on timeWorked harderFewer missed days

Physical DevelopmentPhysical abilities are at its peakSenses are at their sharpestDuring adulthood it is very important to maintain physical healthExercising 30 minutes a day can prevent future health problemsMust be more aware of their nutritional intake

Professional Life ReflectionWhen I finish school and enter the workforce, this will benefit me by knowing what challenges I will be facing within my career(s). This content will also be relevant to what I can expect between other young adults and myself while working parallel. Knowing some of the challenges I will eventually go through depending on my life choices, it will benefit me in the future to follow the path of a career that will work out well for me to be able to have a rewarding work life balance career.

Personal ReflectionThe transition of early adulthood is relevant to me on a personal basis because this is the stage of development I am currently in. I have a better outlook on what some of the challenges I will be faced with and some of the different ways to cope with them. Relationships, marriage, career and child rearing are all some of the main events that are going to happen in this development period for me. I now have a better understanding as to what other young adults and myself are going through and to know that some of the stages will be perfectly normal and are very common among todays young adults.

Ive heard this before from people: early 20s kind of screws with your head a little bit because youre transitioning into adulthood and actually becoming an adult with responsibilities and paying bills. So all of a sudden, its like youre responsible now.-Dan Byrd

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