Early Literacy In Action: Letter Knowledge

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Narrative Skills

Early Literacy in Action: Letter KnowledgePresenter: Darla Casella, Childrens LibrarianMockingbird Branch LibraryA Workshop Presented By The Childrens Department Of The Abilene Public Library

February 12, 2015Abilene, Texas

What is it?Letter Knowledge is knowing that letters are different from each otherthe same letter can look differenteach letter has a name and is related to sounds

Children who have strong letter knowledge skillsKnow the names of each letter of the alphabet.Can identify each letter by its sound.Understands that letters have uppercase and lowercase forms.Can link sounds together.Can identify shapes.

Introduce ShapesYoung children learn by touching and exploring.SeeTouchMouth

4Why Important?Introducing shapes is the first step to being able to distinguish differences in alphabet letters.

Teach Animal SoundsHelp children hear the differences in sounds.

Why Important?Hearing the differences in sounds enables children to hear the different letter sounds.

Play with PatternsWatch for patterns around you as well as those used to teach.

8Why Important?Learning patterns develops an eye for detail, which will help children learn their alphabet letters.

Use Flash CardsMake homemade flashcards, cutting the letters out of sandpaper.

10Why Important?Rubbing fingers over the texture of the letters helps the brain recognize and remember shapes of the letters.

Play GamesMake learning fun. Play and learn with songs and music.

Why Important?Children are more likely to learn when taught in a fun manner. Most children learn easier when learning is set to music.

Read Alphabet BooksRead, read, read!

Books To Encourage Letter Knowledge: Letter, Pattern, Shape For Babies and ToddlersColor Farm by Lois EhlertColor Zoo by Lois EhlertEating the Alphabet by Lois ElhertSo Many Circles, So Many Squares by Tana HobanHello Day! by Anita LobelDinosaur Shapes by Henrietta SticklandMouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll WalshBear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson

For PreschoolersLittle Green Peas by Keith BakerDr. Seusss ABC by Dr. SeussShapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana HobanEye Spy Shapes by Debbie MacKinnonChicka, Chicka, Boom Boom! by Bill MartinMommies Say Shhh! By Patricia PolaccoMister Doodle: C is for City by Orli Zuravicky and Giuseppe Castellano

Books To Encourage Letter Knowledge: Letter, Pattern, Shape

CRAFTMake an alphabet shape book.

*Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Song http://youtu.be/vtB5iGHgNVY