Editing A Basic Introduction

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  • EditingA Basic Introduction

  • What is it?Editing forms the post-production part of any production process. It is necessary in assembling shots together to create a coherent whole production.It is the process where sound and images are cut together to create a narrative.

  • Creating the narrativeShots are assembled together by transitions which are carefully selected in order to maximise continuity and aid audience understanding.Shots vary in length (duration) and when edited together have a rhythm which can manipulate audience emotions and reading of a situation.

  • So what is continuity, Rhythm and a Transition?You tell meUse the links and media studies reference books to complete the table provided. You only have 30 minutes to do this. we will then feed it back as a class before viewing an extract of a TV drama where you will identify a variety of different transitions and discuss what you think their effect is.http://www.waikato.ac.nz/film/handbook/glossary.html#editinghttp://www.springhurst.org/cinemagic/glossary_terms.htm#Match%20cuthttp://

  • Screening



    Watch the following screenings: trailer for Rome and a clip from the same TV drama. Try and identify the different editing components used and suggest why you think they have been used in a power paragraph.


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