Editing and Proofreading Seminar-Workshop

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  1. 1. EDITING AND PROOFREADING Jocelyn L. Gagalang, Ph D Dean, College of Social Sciences University of Rizal System Pililla, Rizal
  2. 2. A full of errors, how would it be like?
  3. 3. How conscious are you with your errors?
  4. 4. Dictionary Definition edit 1to prepare something to be published 2to make changes, correct mistakes proofread to read and correct mistakes in a written or printed piece of writing
  5. 5. What they actually mean editing 1checks for the overall presentation of the text; is the message conveyed clearly etc. proofread 1final check; ensures that the final document is free from any technical errors (grammar, vocab.)
  7. 7. They are important because Your intended audience might misinterpret you. You may think that youre getting your point across loud and clear, but your audience thinks otherwiseeven something as small as a comma can make a difference.
  8. 8. (Are we cooking Henry for dinner?)
  9. 9. They are important because.. How you write dictates your readers confidence in you. Every missing or wrong use of punctuation, faulty grammar or usage mistake turns off a reader. It makes one look and of info.
  10. 10. They are important because.. How you write dictates your readers confidence in you. If you are a professional, a piece that is ridden with errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar is difficult to read and undermines the credibility and authority you have probably worked hard to achieve.
  11. 11. What to do?
  12. 12. Lets try editing!
  13. 13. 1. I am always wanted to worked for a organization. I have always wanted to work for an organization.
  14. 14. 2. 1 of the student which came early is my cousin. One of the students who came early is my cousin.
  15. 15. 3. Maybe She didnt followed the adviser the physician. Maybe she didnt follow the advice of the physician.
  16. 16. 4. I tink i cant done the task I think I cant do the task.
  17. 17. 5. Her reports is fine & organize Her report is fine and organized.
  18. 18. 6. Swimming and to ride a bicycle and running develop strenght. Swimming, riding a bicycle and running develop strength.
  19. 19. 7. This tasks are finished yesterday. These tasks were finished yesterday.
  20. 20. 8. Effective last November 2017, all graduating student will be assign different group. Effective November 2017, all graduating students will be assigned to different groups.
  21. 21. 9. May we humbly request that I be allow to conduct a semenar workshop on the Audio Visual Room. May we humbly request that we be allowed to conduct a seminar-workshop in the Audio-Visual Room.
  22. 22. 10. Thank u so very much and God Bless! Thank you very much and God bless!
  23. 23. 1. Find the errors carefully. 2. Scrutinize the content for accuracy. 3. Check for consistency. 4. Reread for overlooked entries.
  24. 24. 1.Form groups of five. 2. Collaborate in editing this document.
  26. 26. What is Copyreading? Art of arranging, correcting, and selecting the quality and type of news Also called copyediting. One who edits copies is called a copyreader or copyeditor
  27. 27. A Copyeditor Edits errors on grammar (spelling, tenses, agreement, etc.) Edits errors of fact (accuracy check) Edits verbose copy Deletes opinion or slant and libelous statements Writes the headline
  28. 28. Copyediting Symbols
  29. 29. Copyediting Symbols
  30. 30. Copyediting Symbols
  31. 31. Copyediting Symbols
  32. 32. Copyediting Symbols
  34. 34. What do we do? 1. Skim and check for format errors. 2. Catch overlooked typographical and content errors. 3. Review for inconsistencies. 4. Take a final review of the document before submitting or publishing.
  35. 35. Proofread this.
  36. 36. so
  37. 37. for
  38. 38. and that
  39. 39. moreover
  40. 40. hence,
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