Editing log january 8th

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What the group did today?We started to produce a rough copy of our documentary. We started off by finding different shot types of the museum and the chessmen. We also put together and synced shot of the interview and synced it with the sound we recorded on the microphone. As well as the sound accompanying the video we had to cut down the interview so there is no hesitations and that it makes sense to the audience. Why we did this? We created a rough copy of the documentary so we can look over it get an idea and know what we could do to make it perfect. We synced the microphone sound with the video instead of using the cameras sound because the sound quality is a lot better and using the microphone helps cancel out the background noise.What was I personally responsible for?I was personally responsible for putting the films together, getting the shot types and cutting down the interview. The purpose/effect/impact of this is?Everything we have done has impacted the amount of work because creating a rough copy will have a big effect on the actual video.