Edu 352 foundations of educational technology

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  • 1. Vicky E. GouliardDiscussion Question 2 Week 1

2. It is interesting to notice how some mindsseem almost to create themselves, springing upunder every disadvantage, and working theirsolitary but irresistible way through athousand obstacles.~ Washington Irving 3. This amazing child was born with SpinaBifida. We (her family) were told she wouldprobably never sit up on her own or walk onher own. 4. Jacie now sits up on her own. 5. This little girl always has a smile onher face. She doesnt give up, shepreservers and doesnt give up. Sheworks hard to prove she can dothings. She will walk, she will showus all. Jacie is my little hero. I amproud to be her grandma! 6.