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  • 1. eLearning Center Live company. Live learning. To be a center one needs to incorporate something or somebody with its actions or views. We have always wanted to have such proud title, thats why we combined in our services everything that is necessary for the growth and constant development of a modern and dynamic company .

2. Several words about us

  • 5 years on the market
  • Leading position in our market segment
  • Only e-learning products and services
  • Unique team of professionals

3. Our clients

  • Rosneft
  • TNK-BP
  • Gasprombank
  • Probusinessbank
  • Danone
  • Ferrero
  • etc.

4. Our features

  • Individual approach to each client: every product is customized
  • Compliance with theoretical and practical basis for teaching the adults
  • Unique teaching methods
  • Maximum interactivity

5. What is e-learning?

  • Methods and techniques of personnel training via Internet or Intranet
  • eL is based on instructional design ,i.e. making materials appropriate for effective learning
  • Advantages :
    • workplace learning
    • visual teaching
    • lots of practice

6. What do you gain from e-learning ?

  • You save training costs more then30%
  • Yousave on logistics
    • theres no need to send trainers to the regions and to send employees to Moscow for training
  • You save training time
  • 3-day training turns into 5-8 hours of workplace learning

7. What do you gain from e-learning ?

  • Training process is standardized
  • It no longer depends on the trainer and his mood
  • Any number of people can be trained at the same time
  • It can take just 24 hours to make many employees know all the necessary information
  • Practical skills and better understanding
  • You can try, make mistakes, review and try again

8. Why is it so important today ?

  • Rapid learning
    • For the right people at the right time and place
  • Only necessary information
    • Brief, easy and useful
  • Getting people ready for change
  • Adding new duties
  • New knowledge for the crisis conditions
  • Rapid launching of new products and services on the market

9. Opportunities for outsourcing

  • What you get:
  • lower labour costs
  • product of high quality

We are looking for international partners to collaborate on course development

  • What we have:
  • good expertise in multimedia development and instructional design
  • people with degrees from US and European universities

10. How will it fit into your company ?

  • We will tell you
    • Elena Tikhomirova,
      • +7 916 904 51 35
      • [email_address]
    • Andrey Kolodenskiy, CEO
      • +7 916 594 8293
      • [email_address]