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Empire House style

The masthead is red which is the in house colour scheme and is cohesive with the rest of the image as the eye is red.The imagery is a close up of half a face. Indicates something is wrong and has a sinister look as the eye is red and half the face is darken to inferred enigma code of who is he? is he a bad guy. Date is displayed above the title. Price is 2.90Bar code is displayed at the bottom left corner. Colour scheme is red, black and white.Pull quote from the movie to engage the reader.Pun Gore Blimey relates back to the genre of horror. Shows technological convergence by displaying the magazine website under the title.

Masthead is behind the model for both cover and on the right has a graphic effect of fire to relate the content in the movie and the fact that the model is a demon. Empire house style of font never changes although it has been known to tweak it a little to relate to the movie its showcasing.

Empires house style Colour scheme is black and white however depending on the image green and yellow are sometimes usedEmpire will always try to show either its website in web 2.0 or state its the best movie magazine in the world. It also always keeps it price and date on top of the M in the masthead. Its house style also reveals that it usually put most of the captions on one side.The barcode is always placed in the bottom left corner either horizontally or vertically. As well as include graphic text and a simple plus signs