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  • 1. EN-124 Introduction to English Exam Advice 2010-11: Semester One

2. Structure

  • The exam lasts forTWOhours.
  • The paper is divided into two parts:
  • Part 1 is Drama,
  • Part 2 is Poetry.
  • You must answer questions on both parts.
  • You must use separate answer books for each part. These will be provided to you in the exam.

3. Marks Available

  • Poetry 50% of the total one hourMAX
  • Drama 50% of the total one hourMAX
  • Marks for each section are added together and divided by two to give you your overall total.
  • Hence 60% in poetry and 10% in drama: 60+10 = 70. Divided by 2 = 35% overall
  • BUT 40% in poetry and 50% in drama = 90. Divided by 2 = 45% overall.

4. Managing your Time

  • Drama: 1 hour total = 30 minutes per section.
  • Classical Drama: Use 5 minutes to choose question and 25 minutes to write it.
  • Irish Drama: Use 5 minutes to choose question and 25 minutes to write it.
  • STOP after 25 minutes, even if you have more to say.

5. Drama

  • Two sub-sections.
  • Part 1 : Classical Drama ( Oedipus; Everyman; Malfi; Faustus.
  • Part 2 : IrishDrama ( Riders to the Sea; Juno & Paycock; Weir; By the Bog of Cats)
  • In each sub-section, there will be a short excerpt from all of the plays on the course.
  • You pick ONE excerpt and write about it.
  • YOU MUST NOT ANSWER on any play on which you have already written an Essay.

6. Poetry Examination

  • There are two sections on poetry.
  • Answer ALL of section A, and ONE question from Section B.
  • Section A presents you with a number of short quotations from poems on the course.Use these quotations to find ONE example of EACH of the poetic features listed.
  • Spend no more than 15 minutes on this section.This section is worth 20 marks.

7. Poetry Examination cont

  • Section 2: write an essay responding to ONE of three questions.
  • Answer in reference to AT LEAST THREE poems on the course. Each poem must be by a different poet.
  • Spend no more than 40 minutes on this section.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE POEMS but do not answer on poems on which you have already written an essay.

8. Examples

  • Student has already written aboutDoctor FaustusandThe Weir.
  • Part A chooses to write onOedipus .
  • Part B chooses to write onJuno and the Paycock .

9. Sample Question.

  • Choose one of the passages below. Explain in some detail how the passage would affect the audiences understanding of the play in its entirety.

10. Sample Question (cont.)

  • By the Bog of Cats
  • Mrs Kilbride: If Carthage will be as good asonto Caroline as hes been ahusbandto me, shell have no complaints.

11. Possible answers

  • What is happening in this part of the play?
  • To whom is Mrs Kilbride speaking?
  • What is the significance of her statement for our understanding of the character herself?
  • What is the significance of her statement for our understanding of the play in its entirety?

12. Tips and Instructions: DRAMA

  • Do not write introductions and conclusions: just get straight to the point.
  • STOP writing after 25 minutes, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT FINISHED.
  • Avoid irrelevant information (biographical data, background of the author, etc).
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling must be correct.

13. Preparation for the exam

  • Read back over lecture notes.
  • Make sure that you know (at least) one classical and (at least) one Irish playVERYwell.
  • Do not share your ideas, or essays, or notes with your friends, or study together.
  • Do not use notes from websites, as they are often wrong.