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  1. 1. LUMINOUS CITY Luminous City is known as the CITY OF LIGHT. It is a city filled with love and hope. Grand city of the century. How exciting and Trilling.
  2. 2. Introduction Luminous City is defined as The City Of Light. It is a city built specially for the migrants and refugees as they lack shelter. It is a beautiful city that is located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The aim of building this city is to provide shelter, food, water, and etc, for the migrants and refugees because their country is at war or in a bad state to live in.
  3. 3. Security A security network exist in every city and is connected throughout the city. The security network of a city is part of the construction and exist to protect the citys citizens from any harms or threats. 1. Security Checkpoints There are security checkpoints in every entrance and stations in the city. These checkpoints are built to identify the identities of the citizens and prevent unknown civilians from entering the city without legal permission. The checkpoints are guarded by armed security guards and a military force that standbys for reinforcement when there is an emergency so that the safety of the citizens is ensured. 2. Robocops
  4. 4. The city has robocops that patrols the city 24/7 to prevent criminal happenings in the city. They are efficient and are made waterproof. Most importantly, bribery doesnt work on them because they are only machinery. Transportation 1. Eco-Trains
  5. 5. Luminous City has grass-lined green railways for public transport that is a combination of landscape and transportation. The train uses water instead of fossil fuels and is eco-friendly to the environment. Anyone can use these public transit green-ways as it helps reduces pollution for the city. 2. Flying Cars
  6. 6. Besides that, flying cars are also one of the main transportation in Luminous City. The car is designed eco-friendly as they also use water instead of fossil fuels for energy. Even though they are flying cars, there are roads on both sides of the green-lined railways for the cars to prevent any accidents from happening. BASE PLAN
  7. 7. Zoning Of Plan
  8. 8. Migrants And Refugees What are migrants and refugees? Migrants is defined as a person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions. While refugees defines a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. What can we do to help them? Migrants and refugees left their own country because the life there is very difficult. They left in search of finding a better work opportunity and a better shelter. Luminous City is made for them to fulfill their needs. We have built many living areas and working areas specially for them. So that they dont have to suffer like they used to by living in places like these anymore.
  9. 9. Green Buildings Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment. Green buildings have efficient usage of energy, water, and other natural resources. It also reduces waste, pollution, and environmental degradation. Moreover, it protects the health of the citizens and improves employees productivity.