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  • 1. ENBE ProjectOne - NatureLow Jia Cheng0314883FNBE 04/13Generation Y
  • 2. Because most of the pictures of the site , experiment , lost due to phonedrop into the water , I will try to describe my individual work andexperiment well .
  • 3. Idea research before site visit Idea-I want to know the amount of thecreature at the site. biological population formula Capture , Mark , Release , Recapture Number of creature in 1st sample x Number of creature in 2nd sampleNumber of Marked creature recapture
  • 4. Choose siteThe size have a lot of creature , easy for myexperiment.
  • 5. 1st thing to do , the 5 sense See Hear Taste Smell Feel
  • 6. SEE-What I see at my site , is the combination ofeverything , animal , plant , water , rocks , everything about the nature .-I see there are different type of organisms ,withdifferent quantity , some creature has a lotquantity , some only few . There are alsodifferent size of creature.-Something that interested me is the fishes , theriver flow in high speed , but the fishes still canswim in the river freely.
  • 7. hear When I 1st stand at my site , I hear thewind , the sound of scrubbing of the leafs. Something annoying me is I heard thesound of vertical , cause opposite the sideis the highway . When I play is the river , I face close to thewater , the sound of the water flow , is feelvery relax.
  • 8. taste I taste the river water , its feel tasteless inthe beginning , after awhile in themouth , its feel a bit sour but fresh. I taste the rubber tree leaf , its feel bitterand astringent . I taste the dry rubber tree leaf , its feelbitter the same , and full of soil taste
  • 9. smell I smell fresh air , of course fresh air meansthe smell of the green plant , the oxygenand ozone smell . Ozone smell in the morning is little smellybut feel fresh and nice. Evening , u can smell the oxygen freshhot.
  • 10. feel I touch the sand in the river , maybe theflow of water and my hand is totallysubmerged in the water , so the sandactually feel sandy and dry. Very smooth. I was cut by the bamboo plant , its leaffeel rough.
  • 11. Plant A plant had attracted me. When I 1st walk into the site , I saw a smallplants leaf facing downward, is verydifferent to the other plants. I go near and look at it , and broke thebranch . White colour fluid actually flow out fromthe plant, its sticky.
  • 12. Sketching
  • 13. Leaf of old rubber tree (similar)
  • 14. Plant conclusion The leaf is similar to the old rubber planttree The white colour fluid is actually the younglatex. So , its aYOUNG RUBBER TREE
  • 15. Insect Something attract me is there are a lotbutterflies at the site, with different type. the most colour one attreacted me. Very detail of the colour part , with theline on the butterfly wing are interesting.
  • 16. detail
  • 17. Habitat
  • 18. Insect conclusion I found the leaf actually a lot of holeswhich ate by caterpillar means that thereis the habitat for butterfly. It is a Yellow butterfly.
  • 19. Experiment 1-Fish face force in the water compare tohuman-if compare to human, human face 560gram every second .
  • 20. Calculation
  • 21. Experiment 2 The population in the site. Three part 1st part , count the creature thatcountable in the site 2nd part , using quadrat to count thecreature that a lot . 3rd part , use the capture , mark , release, recapture method .
  • 22. 1st part Creture: Rubber tree Butterfly Dragonfly fern Cogan grass Bony fish Catfish grass
  • 23. 2nd part Weed is very hard to count The picture bellow show that land is about50% 5 weeds in a 1m x 1m quadrat . So that 5 x 50 = 250 weed
  • 24. Quadrat
  • 25. 3rd part Ant is a lot . Use the method by: Use cotton bud to mark ants by organicharmless white ink Count the ant that have mark next day .
  • 26. formula
  • 27. Interpreting data Easy to analyses my date , I put it into agraph. I find the gradient of the graph to knowthe balance amount at the site.colour represent creature
  • 28. Graph y=-515x
  • 29. Experiment 3 Investigate the size of the creature , Using meter rule and measuring tape Record the data in graph
  • 30. Problem came out Because due to the theory , size isinversely proportional to the population , The animal don have problem , but theplant have different data So I separate them into two graph
  • 31. Graph y=35x(increasing)correct data
  • 32. Graph y=583x The graph notincreasing withsequence Reason:10x10mcant get the mostaccurate data. How to solve ?Find gradient Get the accuratedata becausegradient is tobalance the data.
  • 33. Final graph for size I put in the animaland the plant graphand find the balancegradient = size ofanimal and plant Gradient y=500xcalculated
  • 34. 4th experiment During the experiment 2 and 3,I found there are relationship betweenthem To find out the relationship , I combine thetwo graph .
  • 35. Compare Both gradientactually wenttwo differentway(+,-)
  • 36.