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  • 1. The Journal Exercise (for ENBE INDIVIDUAL WORK)

2. The Journal Exercise The aim of the The Journal is as a medium for students to record ideas, information, their investigation and references. 3. The Journal Exercise Students will also be given a topic base on the two main components. 4. The Journal Exercise Students are required to produce THE JOURNAL on suitable A4 size paper. Maximum 5 pages. 5. The Journal Label should behind each page of the submitted pages. Your Label At the back of the page A4 Landscape layout!A4 Portrait layout! 6. The Journal Exercise The Journal Exercise to be submitted every 3 weeks. *Please refer to the Module Outline document for the submission dates. 7. The Journal Exercise Students may sketch, doodle, add photos, add diagrams, add definitions or add research data and materials. The Journal content must be hand drawn and handwritten. You may paste some important article or info if required but it MUST NOT prepared digitally. 8. Assessment For THE JOURNAL The journal exercise One 5% The journal exercise Two 5% The journal exercise Three 7% The Journal Compilation 3% Total:20% The Journal will is 20% out of the final Marks 9. Assessment Criteria for each TJ; The quality and depth of the content and material produced and obtained 50% Creativity and clarity of the information and presentation produced 40% Workmanship & References list (links/book) 10% Total:100% 10. The Journal Exercise 02 Conservation /Preserving nature Students are required to elaborate, investigate and understand on the topic above through THE JOURNAL. 11. The Journal Exercise 02 Conservation /Preserving nature Students may select any topic, issue etc that they would like to explore about the given topic. 12. The Journal Exercise 02 Conservation /Preserving nature Like any other document, the finding should have an intro, the middle part (as the main content) and an ending (the conclusion) 13. What is the topic about? What can we do? Any strong movements or groups in Malaysia? Are you part of the problem? Can you be part of the solution? What are the issues concerned? What is your focus area? What are the methods/ techniques/process/principles being used? Is there a case study? Examples of areas that has been saved Books? Research? Initiative? Authorities? Who are responsible? What does it mean by restoring ecology? Why do we have to be concerned? What does it mean by conserving nature/ecology? 14. 1. Understand and carry out some investigation about the topic. 2. Choose and focus on an issue/topic/etc 3. Elaborate your findings and thought and organize the information on to THE JOURNAL 15. The Journal Exercise 02 Be specific and detail about the topic that you would like to explore.. Not more than 5 pages. 16. The Journal Exercise 02 Please follow copyright rules at all time! 17. The Journal Exercise 02 Submission 23/6 Week 12 - Monday Into mail box before 6pm