Engaging All Learners

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Southeast Polk Senior High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, has just opened its doors to a new high school for students, This high school took five years to create! A lot of thought went into the process. Here is a look at the new school library.

Text of Engaging All Learners

  • 1. A User-friendly High School Library 12 Pieces to a Solid Library Foundation

2. Instructional Zone : connecting 3. Reference Area : researching 4. Computer Labs : processing 5. Fiction Hot Spots : entertaining 6. Non-fiction Hot Spot : informing 7. Recording Studio : remixing 8. Quiet Zone : reflecting 9. Positive Game Area : socializing 10. Caf : inviting 11. Professional Library : innovating 12. Friendly Staff : energizing 13. Students : engaging 14. How do you design a user-friendly library?

  • Great administrators that encourage.
  • Great architects and designers that listen!
  • Visit, visit, visit other facilities! Look at the book stores, too!
  • Layout designs on paper!
  • Slowly add or rearrange the spaces! BE FLEXIBLE! What needs to be changed does not happen all at once! The people using the facility are the best test in designing spaces!!! Be observant!

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