Engaging reluctant writers using e learning tools

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Struggling with reluctant writers? Looking for some tools to use to engage them in the writing proces? Use these e-learning tools to engage and empower your writers.

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  • 1.Engaging reluctant writers using e-Learning tools.Catriona Penecatriona.pene@core-ed.org

2. Reluctant Writers. Nothing to write about. (ideas) No format to follow. (structure) Lack of words. (vocabulary and language) No reason to write. (purpose) 3. Then along came... technology!and everything changed. 4. What do we want for our students? To write with a purpose. To write for an audience. To experience success. To take responsibility but at the same time get the support they needto improve. To be able to see and share their progress. To view themselves as writers, authors and publishers. 5. Ideas.I dont know what to write!!We want to: Give students something to write about. Provide them with an experience, framework, image(s), around whichto base their writing. Give students exposure to good models of writing. Support them with structures. 6. Piclits. http://www.piclits.com/compose_dragdrop.aspx A resource of images for students to write about. Lists of related vocabulary for students to use. 7. Storybird. http://storybird.com/ A visual storytelling community. A global hub of readers, writers, andartists of all ages. Students choose picture packs to write about and then create booksfrom their stories. Books can be saved and shared, emailed to others or embedded intoa blog. 8. The Literacy Shed. http://www.literacyshed.com/ A website for teachers filled with ideas for literacy teaching usingvisual resources such as film, animation, photographs and picturebooks Resources are organised into genre. (mystery, fairytale, sci-fi etc) 9. Build your wild self. www.buildyourwildself.com Create a fantasy creature mixing human and animal body parts. Describe your creature! 10. Other sites/apps to inspire writers.Create-a-car. Android App OnlineCreate-a-monster. App Android OnlineCreate a super hero. Online OnlineCreate a story. Fill in the blanks. Online. 11. Digital Storytelling Apps. Let students write about their photos, their work, their experiencesand then easily publish and share.Pic Collage, My Story, Scribble Press Or allow them to record themselves telling their stories.Puppet Pals, Quick Voice, Story Robe. 12. Using Green Screen - Put the student in the picture. Keynote, Pages. Apps - Superimpose, Green Screen 13. Using images, sound files and video to build theimagery before writing. 14. Using images, sound files and video to share theimagery after writing. Real Rain posts on blog. http://room10sfx.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/rain-has-gone-for-now-at-least.html?q=rain http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=1781310978086000426#allposts 15. Vocabulary.Moving past the "I went to the shop.We want to: Give students exposure to varied vocabulary. Equip them with tools to access rich vocabulary. Teach them about language features in a fun andmemorable way. 16. Wordle.http://www.wordle.net/ Taxedo.http://www.tagxedo.com/ Word cloud. Visual Thesaurus.http://www.visualthesaurus.com/ 17. Onomatopoeia. Simile. Alliteration. 18. Telescopic Text. http://www.telescopictext.org/write/ Expand a simple sentence into a whole paragraph by adding detailand description. 19. Sentence Structure.So what goes where??Monkey business Game.Sentence Clubhouse.Patchworker Game.Kung Fu sentences.Fill in the blank stories. 20. Punctuation.What goes where? Alien punctuation. Punctuation Game 1 Grammar Blast. Gorewrite 21. Spelling. Fearless Frieda Game. Spelling City Trapped! Apps. Spellosaur Reading Eggs Spelling. 22. Audience and Purpose.So why would I want to write anyway?Communicating. Emails, digital postcards, texts, photo stories...Telling Stories. Writing books, making movies, puppet shows, online reflections, blogposts... 23. Blogging. Authentic Audience. Purpose for writing. www.room10sfx.blogspot.com Reason for quality. Sharing with family, friends, and the world. 24. Advantages for you. A positive class attitude around writing. Quality not quantity. Students who struggle with handwriting no longer held up in writing. While the class is actively engaged in writing activities they enjoy,you are able to withdraw small groups or individuals to focus onspecific learning areas. 25. My challenge to you is...That you look to using these tools beyond being justmotivators, to using them to enhance learning by providingdeep and meaningful writing experiences. 26. Because really it isnt about the technology,its what you do with it that matters. 27. and if you havent already joined...Virtual Learning Network. VLN Groups - Blended e-learning literacy.