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Engaging students online

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Engaging students onlineNathaniel Louwrens



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Research questions

1. What types of activities do students

prefer in online courses and what are

the reasons behind their preferences?

2. What do teachers perceive engages

students in online courses and why?

3. What encourages students to engage

in online activities?

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Setting the scene

Distance students

Year 7-10

All fully online

Around NZ and some international

3 classes, 4 teachers, 10 students

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Qualitative methods



Discussion forums posts

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Teachers & student


“… a kid who is engaged, they

complete the tasks for the week.”

“Seeing them take part in discussions

…. Actually seeing some work in the


“Regular contact and daily interaction”

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Student engagement

More than just doing “stuff”

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Preferred activities

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Preferred activities

“… there is no particular activity that will

automatically help students to be more

engaged in online classes.”

Dixson (2010)

Dixson, M. D. (2010). Creating effective student engagement in online courses: What do students find

engaging? Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10, 13.

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Reasons for preferred


1. Allows me to be creative

2. Makes me think

3. Quick to do / work on my own /

discuss with others

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Teacher perceptions

Outside of the LMS

Ownership / Control / Choice


Teacher engagement

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Page 13: Engaging students online

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What does



Activities outside of the LMS

Safe and supportive environment

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What does engage



Quick / task-



relevance and


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What does engage


Teacher presence and engagement

Activity requirements

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Conclusions & implications

Student engagement needs to be planned

Behavioural / Cognitive / Emotional

The nature of an activity is important

Not too hard or too easy

Give students opportunity to be


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Conclusions & implications

Carefully consider the use of LMS/PLE

Feedback continues to be important

Keep building a learning community

Keep building relationships

Page 20: Engaging students online

Exploration of online activities that

engage New Zealand middle school



Nathaniel Louwrens