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Engaging Students With Online Collaborative Tools

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General Session Presentation at the NACADA Technology Seminar 2009, Clearwater Beach, FL February 2009

Text of Engaging Students With Online Collaborative Tools

  • 1. Advising 2.0: Engaging Students with Collaborative Online Tools
  • 2. Todays Agenda Online Collaborative Learning Connecting to Students How to Connect: ACE The 2.0 Tools Used Lessons Learned ACE Adventures On Q &A
  • 3. The Take Away Connect technology to student learning Identify web 2.0 tools for academic advising Understand how to start advising in web 2.0 Think about online collaborative communities for your campus
  • 4. Web 2.0 What Is Web 2.0? The Complete Web 2.0 Directory
  • 5. Why Use Web 2.0? Information sharing Optimize resources Innovative problem-solving Enhance creativity Collaborate with students & staff
  • 6. Connecting to Students Student engagement Peer-to-peer mentoring Collaborative community Go to where they are!
  • 7. Meet the iGeneration Millennials Rising, Howe & Strauss (2000)
  • 8. Social Learning Web 2.0 in Education provides: Observation Effective modeling Discussion & involvement Retention of information Increased motivation Strengthen condence & ability Self-regulation Human Learning (1999)
  • 9. Principles of Connectivism Being connected Learning from others Process of connecting information Different modes of online interaction Diverse opinions, ideas & concepts Capacity to know more, is more critical Nurturing connections on-going learning Making choices & decisions George Siemens, 2004
  • 10. ACE: Academic & Career Explorer Hello! Im ACE - Academic & Career Explorer. Im here to help guide your journey at UTSC. Let me share resources with you for study skills, employment experience, career exploration and academic success. Join the adventure! AA & CC Online peer buddy
  • 11. To ACE, Or Not To ACE? The Challenge The Purpose & Goals The Project Time Line The Target Audience
  • 12. ACE: Learning Outcomes Incoming students will: orient themselves to the campus learn about resources & services transition into university life ask helpful questions connect with other students
  • 13. The Evolution of ACE
  • 14. ACE Explores Get Started Orientation Program Registration & Course Selection University/Campus Information Academic Support Services Employment & Career Resources Student Life & Experience Getting Involved AA & CC Services and Resources
  • 15. Social Networking Connect with friends & others Upload photos & videos Share links & updates Create & join interest groups And much MORE! Get Started students meet ACE Friend ACE & tag your photos
  • 16. Blogs Web log; type of online journal Chronological thoughts Easy & quick to update Share weekly topics & themes Introduce services & resources Links to Facebook, photos & websites
  • 17. Blog Aggregators
  • 18. Photo Sharing Organize photography & video Create tags, hyperlinks & notes Join community groups Share photos & comments Orientation: people, places & resources on campus Develop sense of community & collaboration Record moments & experiences
  • 19. Podcasting Audio or multimedia Subscribe, download or stream from web Mobile information Create content based on need Answer common questions Engaging & interesting Quick & easy to make
  • 20. Other 2.0 Resources Used
  • 21. Lessons Learned Network & Research Plan of Action Collaborate on Campus Empower Students to Engage Share & Communicate Be Flexible Assess & Modify
  • 22. ACEs Adventures On... Facebook account is active & growing Student staff help support ACE activity Staff blog regularly about academic & career info Connecting to more students each day Utilize 2.0 tools for marketing & promotion
  • 23. Thanks to Team ACE
  • 24. Stay Tuned... Q & A Website: Wiki: E-mail: [email protected] Connect with ACE on Facebook, Flickr or Blogger THANKS!