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GreetingS and introductions[!] Complete the dialogue with the words

in the box. Then listen and check.

fine l'rn ~ Nice this you

Liz: Hi. My 1 JlCJmJ?_~~ Liz.

Monica: Hello, Liz. 2 Monica_

Liz: Nice to meet you. Excuse me a momento Hi, )ack.How are you?

Iack: l'rn 3 , thanks. How about 4 ?

Liz: l'rn OK, thanks. Monica, 5 is my friend,)ack.

Monica: 6 to meet you, Iack.

Jack: Nice to meet you too, Monica.

W Work in a group of three. Have conversationslike the one in Exercise la.

,., .~

lhe verb he[!] Look at the pictures. Fill in the spaces with the

correct form of be (positive or negative).

W Complete the dialogue with.thecorrect form of the verb be. Then listen and check.

Iack: Hi. My name 1 '~ )ack, and this______________Monica. She 3 from Italy.

Marek: Nice to meet yOU. I 4 ., Marek, andthose two people 5 rny fr~~nds, Barbaraand Adam. 6 you fromRorne, Monica?

Monica: No, 17 from Milan. Where8 you from?

Marek: We 9 from Poland. Adam and I10 from Warsaw and Barbara 11 _

from Gdansk. 12 you on holiday inCambridge?

Monica: No, 113 not. l'rn a student ata language school here. 14 you allstudents?

Marek: Yes, we 15 . We 16 at alanguage school too.


OOK!My narne's oo.(1~ my)vvhat's your name? (you ~ your)

3 I _American,1----------------------Brazilian!

5 He _British, he

we)apanese.from Turkey!

Work with a partner. Ask and answerquestions about the people in Exercise 2b.

A: Is Monica from Po/and?B: No, she isn't. She's from Mi/an, in Ita/y.

Are Marek and Adam oo.?

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[!] Listen to the dialogue between Marek and Monica and answer the questions.

How many brothers and sisters has Marek got?

2 How many brothers and sisters has Monica got?

~ Follow the lines and make sentences

My brother hasn't got a computer.

Possessive adJectiveSRead l.iz's email from her new e-pal, Laura. Fill in the spaces with my, your, bis, her, our or their.

Hey Liz,

Thanks for 1 .. --YQ!!.c last emaiI!Andllovedthephotosof2 friends and family - 1lookedat them yesterday. 3 mum and dad look really nice in the photo. So now 1'11tell you aboutme and 4 family here in Switzerland.

I've got two brothers. 5 names are Lukas and Andreas and they're 16 and 19. My motheris American and 6 name is Christine. Dad is Swiss German - he's from Zürich, and7 name is Dieter. We live in Geneva. 8 house has got four bedrooms and asmall garden. We've got a dog and we think he's lovely. 9 name's Zak.

Please tell me some more about 10 friends. I'd really like to meet more English people!

See ya,


ha ve I has 90t




My brother


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CoLours~ Write the colours.

2 3 4

6 7 8 9

W Work in a small group. Find something in your classroom for each colour.

The itoor's grey. The desks are brown. The wall is yellow.

Rooms and ~urniture~ Look at the pictures. Write the names of the rooms (A-F).

W Look at the pictures. Label the furniture. Use the words in the box.

armchair bath bed chair cooker cupboard EleeFfridge shower sink sofa table toilet window



B E5

6~ __ -13

7 e F





Page 5: English Book 7mo

There IS I There are[!] Complete the sentences. Use There's a/an or There are.

__Jbt':?[E?'s._º black table in the dining room.

2 two doors in our living room.

3 . four white chairs in our kitchen.

4 three posters on the wall in my bedroom.

5 red sofa in my sister's room.

W Playa memory game. Look at the picture for 30 seconds. Then make sentenceswith There's or There are.

There are two windows.

Prepositions o~ ataca[!] Look at the picture again and say where things are. Use the prepositions in the box.

in on under next to behind between

W Draw a plan of your house/flat. Talk about it to your partner.

There's a hall, a kitchen, ...There are three bedrooms. There's a bathroom next to my parents' bedroom.In the living room there's a green sofa and there are two brown armchairs. The teievisionis between ...


Page 6: English Book 7mo

eActivitv verbsMatch the verbs with the pictures.

open close run swim listen read jump tatJgR cry write shout smile

1 Jmdgh_________________ 2









Write what the people are saying. Use the verbs from Exercise 1 above.

-Il 10 I UNIT 1




c-------------------------------------------Jo VI1E!


Page 7: English Book 7mo

Adverbs o4!4!reQuencv~ Put the adverbs in the correct places in the diagram.

hardly ever sometimes always usually

2 3 often 4

••.. 0%

5 6 never

We put the adverb of frequency:- after the verb be, e.g.J'm a/ways late- before other verbs, e.g. We always go to the cinema on Friday.

W Write sentences that are true for you.Complete the sentences with always, usually,oiten, sometimes, hardly ever or nevero

I play football after school.

2 My teachers __ _ give ushomework on Friday afternoons.

3 I go to the cinema at theweekend.

4 My best friend comes to myhouse at the weekend.

5 watch TV in the morning.

[IJ Work with a partner. Tell him/her about yoursentences in Exercise 3b.

A: I sometimes play footbal/ after school.B: Real/y? I never play footbal/ after school, but

I sometimes play at the weekend.

ObJect pronounsPut the object pronouns in the sentences.

you us +hern me him her

My mother really likes eggs but I hate.ibem

2 Sara'smy best friendo She phones _every day.

3 My brother's got a poster of Shakira. He reallylikes !

4 Peter is really nice. I really like_

5 Have you got a problem with your homework?I can help .

6 My sister and I like our uncle. He gives_______________________great birthday presents.

canl can't 4!or ablUtv~ Listen to Marek and Liz

talking about what they can and can'tdo. Fill in the first two columns in thetable.

./ ./ = Yeso ./ = Yes, but not very well.)( = No.

W Write sentences. Use the information inthe table.

Marek can't swim. Liz can swim, but notvery well.

[IJ What about you? Fill in the You columnin the table.

[!] Work with a partner. Ask questionsand fill in the Your partner column inthe table.

A: Can you swim?B: Yes, I can. Can you __o ?


Page 8: English Book 7mo

PlacesLook at the pictures. Where can you see or buy these things? Write 1-8 in the boxes.

1 café 2 disco 3 EiRema 4 shoe shop 5 bookshop 6 station 7 clothes shop 8 post office

tnere ¡Siare (nesanve andnuesnans) + alanlanv

[!] Match the beginnings and endings.

1 Are there ~a a good disco in town.2 Is there b a post office here?3 There aren't e any good films at the cinema?4 There's d any people in the bookshop.

[¡] Complete the questions and short answers.

1 .__A-"-~JbJ?[~ any discos here?(X) No, there Q[~rl'L .

2 a station in your town?(./) Yes,there .

3 a post office in this street?(.1) Yes, .

4 any nice clothes in the shop?(X) No, .

W Complete the sentences with a or any.

There aren't Qrly good clothes shops here.2 Is there post office near here?

3 There's good shoe shop in this street.

4 Are there discos in this town?

[¡] What can you say about the place whereyou live? Use the places in Exercise 1 and thequestions and sentences in Exercises 2b and 2cto help you.

:[1 12 I UNITl

TimesWrite the sentences.

1 TbgEQ~LQ[6_(~_ºp~m-QteightJhi[ty-----------QDiLdº~~~_Qtfjy~_thirJy------ _

~@~@, 9.15-21.00----~...".,.",....~





Next film:19.45-21.30




(satur~s 10.00-12.15)-.".,,~~

Page 9: English Book 7mo

Clothes[!] Write the letters in the correct order to make words. Write them under the pictures.

sreds skrit hirst scosk hoses muprej 5i+/:¡.¡:.:t najse scraf inatrers usrtosre tekcaj


__________________J::~NrL _


o €118.00



¡¡] Say what colour the clothes are.

The 'I-shirt's blue. The trainers are black.

~ Work with a partner. Ask and answer.A: -What colour is your favourite shirt?B: Blue. What colour are your favourite shoes?A: They're ...

Monev and nnces[!] Draw a line to match the words and symbols.

1 f 2 € 3 $dollar euro pound

¡¡] Work with a partner. Say theprices. Then listen and check your answers.

f12.00 4 $11.25

2 €25.00 5 €17.50

3 $125 6 f15.99


® I---U--f<----\H


OOK!We write f12.00 - we say twelve pounds.

• We write €7.25 - we say seven eurostwenty-twe.

• We write f5.99 - we say ttve poundsninety-nine.

• We write $125.00- we saya hundredand twenty-iive dollars.

~ Work with a partner. Say the prices of theclothes in Exercise 4a.

The T-shirt is twenty-iour dollars.The trainers are a hundred and twenty pounds.

[¡] Work with a partner. Ask and answer.

A: How much is the T-shirt?B: tt's twenty-four dollars. How much are the



Page 10: English Book 7mo


The verb heLook at the information about the holiday campoWrite sentences.

Name Country Age Student? Room

Marco~ I~I 17 X 101


Tomoko '" l. I 16 .1 I 107-

Devrim ! •• l~,tl 15 .1 I 209.. ~ ~~é\}

Helena and~ ~~ 18 X I 112Samantha


Patrick and \~fJ\·';11[ 31 16 X I 205Alan

Marco: MW(Q'~.fr.Qm..ª.m~!LHf?\.lZ../jg..!~JÚ..º..~.tl,lggr]t .

H~:~.!!J..8,ººm}Q¡, .

2 Tomoko: .


4 Helena and Samantha: .

5 Patrick and Alan: .

Possessive adJectiveS[!] Complete the table of possessive adjectives.

I ~y I yo, I he I she I ::s I ~e I ~::r I (hey I[¡] Underline the correct options.

1 L/ My live in Britain. 1/ MY. narne's Pauline.

2 I / My brother Andy's got a pet mouse. He / His keepsit in he / his jacket.

3 I / My sister has got a poster of Coldplay in she / herbedroom.

4 Tell me about you / your friends.

5 We / Our haven't got a dogo We / Our parents don'tlike animals.

6 Uncle Andy and Aunt Sophie live in Australia. They /Their house is fantastic! They / Their want us to go andvisit them next year.


havel has 9DtLook at the table and writesentences. Use the correctform of have got.

Iordan Helen

green eyes X .1

a big family X .1

a bicycle .1 Xa dog X X

black hair .1 .1

a lot of DVDs .1 Xa little brother X .1

a big bedroom X .1

Jordan / green eyes

J.Q[dºn.hº~rJ.'tgºtgu?~ngyg~, .

2 Helen / a little brother

3 Helen / a lot of DVDs

4 Jordan / a bicycle

5 Jordan and Helen / black hair

6 Helen / a big bedroom

7 Jordan / a big family

8 Jordan and Helen / a dog

Page 11: English Book 7mo

Rooms and ~urniture B A T B E D T O

T A B L E e E R

B R o o M H L D

A R M e H A 1 R

T F W o o 1 o A

H R o o D R T oA 1 D K N 1 S B

R D N E T U o P

M G 1 R R o F U

R E W o H S A e

[!] cfi~I:V14 things you can find in rooms in a house (-H- .J- or 1').

W Write the names of the rooms.

This roorn's usually got a sofa and armchairs (and often a TV).

2 This roorn's usually got a fridge, a cooker and a sink.. '''''''''.'''''

3 This roorn's usually got a table and chairs (and sometimes a

cupboard) ,..

4 This roorn's usually got a bath, or a shower, or both. ,.., ,'

5 This roorn's usually got a bed and sometimes a desk and chairs , .

There iS I There are[!] Underline the correct options.

Andy: Where do you live, Erika?

Erika: 1 live in Sáo Paulo, in Brazil.

Andy: 15 it a nice city?

Erika: 1think it's great. There 1 is / are lots of nice

places to see.

Andy: Like what?

Erika: Well, there 2 is / are a nice park calledIbirapuera, and there 3 is / are hundreds of

good cafés and restaurants.

Andy: 15 it easy to move around?

Erika: Well, there 4 is / are lots of buses and taxis- but the traffic isn't good, there 5 is / are carseverywhere! In my street, there 6 is / are aproblem with traffic every day - Mondayto Friday.

Andy: Oh. But you like Sáo Paulo anyway?

Erika: Yes, 1do. There 7 isn't / aren't any other

cities like it in Brazil.

W Complete with There ís or There are .

................, "" a nice café in this street .

2 ............................a big problem with traffic here.

3 ,.., ,.. lots of parks in our city.

4 ........,.., "",,, two bedrooms in their house.

5 , ,.., a dining table in here, and

..........,.., , six chairs, too.

Prepositions o~ placeLook at the pictures. Complete thesentences with the correct wordfrom the box.

behindnext to

between -ffi-

on under

The dog's ,)n

2 The dog's ,.., , the chair.

in the chair.

3 The dog's , ,.., the chair.

4 The dog's , the chairs.

5 The dog's , , ,

6 The dog's ,.. the chair.

the chair.


Page 12: English Book 7mo


• Activitv verbs[!] Write the letters a, e, í, o, u or y

in the spaces to complete theverbs.

QP~n 7 Lmp

2 el s 8 1__ gh

3 r n 9 cr

4 sw m 10 wr t

5 1 st n 11 sh t

6 d 12 sm 1

[!] Use a verb from Exercise la tocomplete the sentences.

I X'fritfL new words in my

exercise book.

2 I a book every week.

3 My parents never to


4 lt's sometimes hot in my room

at night, so 1_ __ the


5 At the weekend, we go to the

beach and in the sea.

6 I can walk in these shoes - but

I can't ___!

7 Our teacher's funny - we

always a lot in her


8 l'rn cold! Can you _

the door, please?

1) ImperativeSMake the imperatives negative.

J u m p! -ºmújympL _2 Run! _

3 Close the door! _

4 Open the window! _

5 Sing! _

6 Come in!


e Adverbs o~ ~requencvMake sentences from the information in thetable.

,/,/,/,/ = always ,/,/,/ = usually ,/,/ = often ¡,/ = sometimes XX = hardly ever XXXX = never I

Louisa Ben Sue I

get up early ,/,/,/ ,/,/ ,/,/,/,/

read a book XXXX ,/,/

listen to music ,/

go to the cinema XX ,/

Ben b.gr-ºlyJ~yf?!.gf?.t~-.tdp.-f.wly------------------------------- _

2 Louisa _

3 Sue . _

4 Ben _

5 Louisa .__. _

6 Ben _

7 Louisa _

8 Sue _

• canlcan't~or abilitvComplete the sentences. Use cari/can't and averb from the box.

read run sing 5wimwalk write

Help! I mf]'U.wim_

2 Our dog . _

3 But he _

4 He

5 He , but

he !

Page 13: English Book 7mo

Places}] Find eight places in the wordsnake. Start at the end!

s'nopdisco .o~ C'/,?~o ~-0.. oQ.

.o~ '~~ ~ ~~ O ~

V) ~ ~..:& 015; \.ox.:.[J C'eshoes'r.o'?C

}] Match a word from the wordsnake in Exercise lawith the pictures.






• ClothesDo the crossword.






5f- r¡--


~ f-


f- ~'---- \-- \-- '----


la J

.., Monev and nncesWrite the prices.

1 E13.00Jb¡rt~g[Lp-QJlnij~ _

2 €12.00 _______ _ _

3 $21.00

4 E7.49

5 €24.99 _

6 E125.00 _

7 $112.50 _

8 €119.99



_________Pº~tº[6_(g _ 5


3 7

4 8

TimesComplete the phrases with one word ineach space.

JW(L o'clock

2 ten two

3 past three

4 ten seven

5 twenty-five _ _


6 __________________to nine

7 a quarter _


8 a to eight