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  • Laddd has a cat.Its name is Samlee.

    It is a small cat about eight inches

    tall. It will be one year old next

    February. A friend gave it to Ladda

    as a birthday present two months


  • Samlee likes to eat fish. It is very

    fond of playing with its ball.

    In the daytime it sleeps, but

    at night it goes about the house

    cathing mice. It can see very well

    in the dark.

  • Ladda takes good care of her cat.

    She feeds it twice a day. When

    she calls its name, it will run to

    her at once. It is very clever at

    catching mice. Ladda loves

    Samlee very much.

  • Choose the right word or

    words to complete each

    sentence below.

  • Vocabulary

    Choose the right

    meaning of each of

    following words.