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  4. 4. English Speaking Year 2012
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  7. 7. A birthday card has six hearts on it and a brown teddyvbear. Two of the hearts are red and the rest are white.
  8. 8. A car moves very slowly on grass, but it can move very fast on a road.
  9. 9. Buses are faster than bicycles. Cars are faster than buses. Planes are faster than cars.
  10. 10. People love animals. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets. People Like dogs more than cats.
  11. 11. There are thirty students in the classroom. There are both boys and girls. The female students do not like maths but they like science.The male students do not like English but they like science.
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  13. 13. The weather is often hot. Today it is not so hot. It rained yesterday.
  14. 14. Puppies need to sleep at least fifteen hours per day. Giant is a puppy. Today he slept for ten hours.
  15. 15. Siam Paragon is located in Bangkok.It is a shopping center. Pattaya also has a shopping center.
  16. 16. Most people go to work in the daytime.They sleep at night. Some people sleep during the daytime, and they go to work at night.
  17. 17. My friend and I each have a cell phone.My cell phone can play MP3 songs but it does not have a camera My friend,s phone has a camera but does not have radio.
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