INSTITUTE OF TOURISM STUDIES UNIVERSITY of lucknow Topic : Entrepreneur Development in Travel Agency ‘Make My Trip’. Submit by Shobha Verma B.T.A.

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UNIVERSITY of lucknow

Topic :

Entrepreneur Development in Travel

Agency ‘Make My Trip’.

Submit by –

Shobha Verma


General information -➢Form of agency - public company

➢ Industry - online travel agency

➢Founder - Deep Kalra, chief Executive officer.

➢Establishment - April 1, 2000

➢Head Quarter - Gurgaon, Haryana (India)

➢ International Office - New York & San Francisco

➢Website - makemytrip.com

➢ Services & Product offers - International and Domestic airline tickets, Indian railways tickets, Domestic bus tickets, international & Domestic hotel reservations, car Rentals, international and domestic Holiday packages, MICE,visa services, B2B services, and more…

Deep Kalra

The founder of Make My Trip

Founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra,

MakeMyTrip had its beginnings in

a small office in Okhla,New Delhi.

The internet appeared as an interesting choice with

untapped potential. Shortly thereafter, he beganconsidering his entrepreneurial options, interested in acouple of sectors of the Indian economy, including travel.When he found that the travel industry lent itselfseamlessly to the Internet and had tremendous potentialas a sector, MakeMyTrip.com was conceptualized.

Background of Make My Trip➢Make My Trip Limited is an Indian Online travel agency that

holds a major market share, with one out of every twelve domestic flights in India is booked via makemytrip.com.

➢ Its originally created for India-Us travel, in a relatively short span, its grew to emerge as a major travel website in the US to India sector, and today has an approx. 4% share of the NRI market, which is pegged at Rs. 4500 crore. With the revolution in the Indian travel industry caused by the emergence of the domestic low cost carriers, make my trip launched its website for the Indian travel market in September 2005. In its first year of operation, it was India’s largest e-commerce company.

➢Make My Trip was initially a ticket booking website for railways. Over time, they have introduced in travel packaging and many more areas.

Graphical growth of Make My Trip with the

comparison of other competitor in market

Specialties of agency’s site

➢It has an easy user interface with different pages for domestic & international flights, hotels with flight, cars, bus and rail & customer support.

➢The site provides online credit and debit system by supporting a variety of banks, something which government sites don’t provide.

➢For users who want to buy tickets, it is not necessary to be signed in but the site prompts the guest to do so in order to get best deals. After becoming a registered user, he can customize the home page, avail himself to certain discounts from Make My Trip and receive regular updates from the site about whether new schemes and travel packages.

➢By this, user can make several modifications such as number of passengers, seat position, and certain specific flights.

➢For railways, one does not need to go the Indian railways site. All rail schedules, rains are available to be booked on this site.

➢A new feature is its travel packages. Traditionally travel companies plan our trips and all cost, but now Make My Trip has entered this category to provide various planned travel packages to a variety of regions. These include south packages, north-east and so on. These packages consist of the travel hotel bookings, registered guides and daily planning.

Product’s profitability ➢we can compare and contrast various trains, airlines

and buses and choose the right one depending on our funds, time, comfort and availability.

➢Online payment is secure and easy. If we wish to cancel our booked ticket depending upon the time restrictions set by the company. Refunds are also available with an email notifying the same. When a ticket is booked, 5% charge is levied by Make My Trip as their service charge which is quite fine.

➢Registered users are provided with regular updates on certain travel packages and are also offered various discounts on schemes.

➢Make My Trip provides excellent customer support as they entertain all online queries. They can also be contacted through their call centers for any grievances.

➢Server is solid and it is rarely down. It also provides deadlock recovery so that monetary transactions are not interrupted causing inconvenience to customer.

➢The booked ticket can be printed as many number of times and is valid in travel. Cancellations are also quick on the site’s part.

Challenges which he faces in present scenario ➢Sometimes the cancellations on the site’s server are

not quick and this causes inconvenience. MakeMyTrip has 5 day window period within which the money has to be refunded. If not then the site call center needs to be contacted.

➢Holiday special train schedules are not available on the site so are certain buses which are heavy in passenger footfall. Moreover, during the holiday seasons, booking quick must be made quick else seats get booked in matter of seconds.

Object Oriented Programming➢MakeMyTrip maintains a database for registered

users along with their travel bookings, their destinations. This helps it to evaluate a customer’s needs in order to enhance and improve their site. By doing this, they can also provide notifications through sms’s sent to users for a particular trip. They can store a customer’s preferences and likes.

➢MakeMyTrip implements object oriented programming as various classes are maintained such as rail, flights, bus, hotels, users,Employees, finances and tickets.

Future Scope:In order to enhance and improve MakeMyTrip, they have

launched a unique method to learn more about the

company. This includes:-

✓ Personal Development Courses - Quarterly & monthly

calendars offering customized behavioral learning

programs conducted both in-house and in partnership

with external vendors.

✓ Study Tours - We encourage our sellers to go for study

a tour which helps them in having first-hand experience

and learning of various destinations such as Europe,

South East Asia, Australia, Kenya and all.

✓ Enhancing Education Policy - This promotes continuous learning of trippers by encouraging them to go in for additional qualifications, relevant to career path and job responsibilities. As a part of this, we have a tie up with IIM Kolkata for various management programs.

✓ Teach to Learn - The best way to learn and apply is through sharing with others. Employees who attend external programs teach and mentor peers or subordinates in the structured sessions.

✓ Book Clubs - "There is more treasure in books than in the entire pirate's loot on Treasure Island" so said Walt Disney and so we believe. A fun book club gets together to discuss read books.

For recruitment the MakeMyTrip provides job opportunities in administration, B2B, human resources ,retail, marketing ,technology, content, product, travel, finance and accounts, quality.

Thank You For Attention