Environmental Health Action Plan

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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion - http://bettpassion.wikispaces.com/


Eniermental health

Environmental health

By Emily Tyra

By: Emily Tyra

Environmental Health

Why my projects important?

By cleaning the parks I saved taxpayer dollars and most importantly the environment.

Animals dont have to worry about eating the garbage and it also wont wash into the streams, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean.

Garbage in Bettendorf is Piling Up!

I rode my bike all around to different parks that all had garbage blowing across the fields, and I decided that wasn't o.k.

My sisters and I cleaned around Paul Norton elementary school, Kiwanis park, and the Crow Creek park.

Specific Goal for Improvement

My goal is to have a clean and healthy environment. It made me sad when I saw cans and bottles everywhere that could have been recycled but were thrown on the ground instead.


I used: plastic bags and garbage bags gloves bike to get around with and hard work

Legal Barriers~

There are no legal barriers since I cleaned on public property and there was nothing l could do to damage it.

Hopefully people will see me doing the right thing and think twice next time they litter.

Action Plan~

First I gathered my resources (bags, gloves) Then I rode my bike to Crow Creek park, Kiwanis park, and Paul Norton elementay.

Finally I disposed of the trash at my house or nearby garbage cans.

My Beliefs~

I believe that the most important act of kindness is making sure we have a clean and healthy environment.


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