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    Group Members : Atiqah Syasya - 0320566Hazel Crisostomo - 0320152Gabriel Chin - 0320370Allester Shaun - 0320250Charel Fernando - 0320106Lim Wei Heng - 0320148


  • Penang ART MAP :

  • Artist Background Ernest Zacharevic is a 26 years old Lithuania born artist. He completed a series of murals entitled Mirrors George Town as a part of George Town Festival 2012. Better known as ZACHAREVIC in the art world he is permanently based in Georgetown, Penang. He graduated in art school in his hometown, Vilnius, Lithuania. After graduating, he went to art academy to study graphic arts.

  • "Pao Seller" Mural Art

  • "Pao Seller" by Ernest ZacharevicAs a recent addition to Penangs famous street arts, the Chinese Pao Seller or Bun Seller art mural is painted at the side wall of Wil House, a hotel boutique converted from the old Great Shanghai Dry Cleaning shophouse located along Leith Street, George Town. This art mural depictan old Chinese man selling the pao (or Chinese buns) from a wooden stall back then with just a fraction of the prices these days.

  • Concepts

    Human Communication Share experience Process of creating a meaning between two or more people Helpful to use tangible (abstract) model to describe that process.

    Analyzing the Negotiation Situation Establish what is your objectives or what hope to accomplish from negotiation

    Planning for upcoming Negotiation Three basic component ( money - people - timing ) considering what goals you have for each component

    Organising Determine who will be the most effective people for your negotiation

    Continuous Improvement once the negotiation is over there is a real value in going back over the process analyzing way to improve .

  • "Magic" Mural Art

  • "Magic" by Ernest ZacharevicThe clever use of collapsible door panels depicts a frightened little girl over a magician showcasing a body-severing act on a shop house in Lebuh Armenian.

  • Concepts Non Verbal Communication Facial expressions, posture, space

    Conflict Intra personal conflict ( conflict among individuals)

    Small Group Communication Collective entity, interaction between members

    Mass Communication This mural art was intended for public view

    First Impression Magic show as an entertainment in the olden days


  • Kuala Lumpur ART MAP :

  • "Merdekarya" Mural Art

  • Artist Background: Name Reja Reef BryahFrom Kuching, SarawakMoved to Kuala Lumpur in 2010Skate Boarder, Musician, Tattoo Artist and PainterThe Mural art is using bright colors to attract attentionThe voice of the People for Freedom through the microphoneIndependence of the Country with the emblem

    Artist Background

  • ConceptsSemantics relating to meaning of words and phrases in a language which studies the

    logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, which studies word meanings and word relations

    Possible Obstacles of Languages Denotative meaning (play of words)

    Merdekarya = Merdeka, Karya Mass Communication This mural art was intended for public view mural art observed by pedestrians on the road

    Non-Verbal Messages Manner of Art Words Might be positive or negative messages

    Positive Connotation Words can elicit such Powerful Emotional Reactio Merdekarya = Merdeka(freedom),Karya(art) Similiar with Free Art Often it is said to have negative or positive connotation for people

  • Shadow of a girl Mural Art

    Artist Background : UnknownedA shadow of a girl holding a watering canInvolves two dimension art and three dimension artInspired by the change in the generations.

    Children use to enjoy the enviroment while nowadays children are too attached to their gadgets

  • ConceptsNon-Verbal Messages

    Art category is broad, large, that cannot described as easily as verbal messages The girl is showing innocence when she is holding the watering can Manner of Art Words Might be positive or negative messages

    Positive Connotation relating elicit such Powerful Emotional Reaction The mural art shows a young girl holding a watering can Nowadays this is a rare sight because of children being attached to their gadgets Often it is said to have negative or positive connotation for people

    Mass Communication Message intended for the masses of individuals. mural art observed by pedestrians on the road Communication is characterize as public.

    Perception Process Selective exposure the tendency to expose yourself to info that reinforces rather than

    contradicts your beliefs and opinions. Ex: The awareness that technology is taking over the lives of the youth

    E.T Hall's Concept of Space This concepts shows that we are each surrounded by intimate space, personal space,

    elaboration,gardening in the private garden

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