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EPC: Project Two - Mural Hunt

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Text of EPC: Project Two - Mural Hunt

  • E P C M U R A L A RT E X H I B I T I O N

  • W H AT I S M U R A L A R T

    A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the

    architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the


  • Michelle MICHY YeohGraduated The One Academy

    with a Diploma in Digital Animations. New artist in the field of mural art.

    Fantasy exists in pockets of our

    imagination, this mimicry of Hensel and Gretel, shows how a

    path of pinky goodness leads to a candy haven.

    The pictures emphasizes naivety and innocence in the good

    spirits of fun.


  • C O N C E P T S O. 1


    interpersonal communication

    connotative meaning

    physical distraction


  • Julius Raja ManickamKANGBLABLA

    he uses characters as a medium to express and tell stories. he observes the world in and around him for inspirations. he

    also enjoys creating characters and giving

    them life as that makes him feel just like a god.

    coffee and unhealthy food fuels this bearded beast.

    We gain knowledge from various sources, most of it comes from the books we read. The Idea that sometimes we

    get entrapped on a pedestal of knowledge

    he makes us feel as though he is god like. But to what extent is

    the thirst for knowledge quenched, by just ONE



  • C O N C E P T S O. 2

    non verbal message


    multitasking (continuous partial multitasking)

    mental distraction

    passive perception (senses)

  • Angel NgGraduated with Bachelor

    (Hons) Creative Multimedia, Major in Film and Animation.Was a 3D animation artist,

    Autodesk Maya based. Was an employee of a Japanese studios that specializes in managing and producing digital asset contents

    for computer games, entertainment, vehicle design and computer animation.First started mastery in watercolor since young age. Got involved in street art during teenager

    years with DrewFunk, a renowned Malaysian graffiti artist and now residing in

    Melbourne. Now a newbie in mural painting.

    Communication becomes less efficient and more expressive

    in times of distress. Body language and screams are probably the best way to

    attract attention in stressful situations.

    FIRE &


  • C O N C E P T S O. 3

    distance (proxemics)

    selective attentionnegative - positive connotation


    active perception


  • EAVES (Design Studio with

    Kingsley, Griselle, Richard, Colin & Jason.)

    A design studio aiming to achieve the highest state of spiritual communication by

    stimulation of human senses. Their design promotes understanding between

    intelligent beings, penetrate through the barriers of races, religions, cultures, ethnicities,

    languages, thinking etc

    Communication, has evolved over periods of time. The

    methods in which we communicate become more intricate and complex. Taking whats most obvious to us for granted, our greatest form of

    connectivity and foundation of all means is like not ever being


    ill be listening

    Talk to me

  • C O N C E P T S O. 4


    passive perceptiondistance (proxemics)

    voice (non verbal comm)

    face to face communication

  • THE





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