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Text of Eportfolios

  • 1. Eportfolios
    Orna Farrell

2. Outline
What is an eportfolio?
Why do eportfolios matter?
How can you use an eportfolio?
What systems are available?
2009 portfolio project
2010 portfolio project
The future.......
3. What is an eportfolio?
Port - to move
Folio - papers or artefacts
A portable collection of papers and/or artefacts presented in a variety of formats
A place to assemble records and products of learning and work to help an individual gain new work opportunities
Old idea new presentation method?
4. Eportfolio: definition
An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital artefacts created by the learner articulating and evidencing experiences, achievements and learning (JISC 2008)
5. Why do eportfolios matter?
Engage and motivate learners
Personalise learning
Promotes reflective practice
Make progress and attainment more obvious
Promote personal development planning
support for learning and regular formative feedback
Retention & widening participation
Supports collaboration & collaborative learning
6. Eportfolios and learning
7. How can you use an eportfolio?
Assessment: formative or summative
Personal development
Demonstrate achievement
Support learning
Develop and evidence skills (generic/key)
Work based learning
Career development & employability
Record progress & set goals
Promote reflection
A learning approach
8. Learner perspective
The eportfolio...is the reflection of the student as a person undergoing personal development, not just a store of evidence(Rebbeck 2008)
So far when using the e-portfolio I have thought about decisions more and I question more things(Murray 2006)
9. What systems are available?
10. 2009 portfolio project
18 Lidl retail management students for 12 weeks
Aim: to develop and evidence academic skills and personal development
Lessons learned:
Portfolio should support learning not become the focus of learning
Software should be visually pleasing & easy to use
Content should have be clearly defined & structured from the beginning
Embed in the curriculum dont add on
Personalisation is key
11. Learner feedback
12. 2010 portfolio project
Using Mahara
60 1st year social science & social studies learners
8 weeks
Aim: to explore the use of eportfolios as a learning process and as a formative assessment method a learning support andfor skills development
13. Mahara
Open source
Integrates with Moodle
Straight forward to use
Visually pleasing
Similar to popular social media websites
Can upload movies, files, photos
Resume builder
Major scope to personalise
14. Future
An eportfolio for every DBS student?
An eportfolio/web profile for everyone?
"Ireland in 2013 will be internationally renowned for the excellence of its research and at the forefront in generating and using new knowledge for economic and social progress, within an innovation driven culture.
(National Strategy for Science Technology & Innovation 2006)
15. DBS Mahara
Would you like to try it?
Contact me for a trial account
16. References
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