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  • 1. PEOPLE MEDIA Riena Mercene, Telle Tiberio, Justine Galandines, Aldrin Parreo, and Jethro Lago

2. MECHANICS The students will be divided into 4 equal groups and be assigned a certain location in the room (MITC). During each round, the groups will be given a word that they would be supposed to define using the pieces of paper that would be given to them inside the envelope. There will be no time limit for each round. The team to finish first would gain a point, and the other teams that would gain no points. The group with the most number of points would win the game. 3. DEFINITIONS a) People human beings making up a group or assembly or linked by a common interest b) Media a medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression c) People Media Medium by which people learn through interactions with other people either by means of audio, visual, or both 4. DEFINITIONS d) Learning the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something : the activity of someone who learns e) Interaction mutual or reciprocal action or influencef) Feedback helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve a performance, product, etc. 5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using People as Media 6. They are prone to be misinterpreted and to misinterpret data that they are transferring (i.e. words that has already been said cannot be taken back). 7. 2. They serve as a model to others who look upon them. Either they would influence others values which is viewed as likable or they would be passing on values that may not be upright. 8. 3. The person that serves as the medium would be receiving feedbacks that may benefit or destroy him/her. 9. 4. The audience can be biased of their judgment on the persons (as media) integrity if they have a developed a background of the personal life of the person. 10. 5. People gets tired, retires, and does not stay in the physical world for a very long time. 11. GUESS WHOS FAMOUS? 12. MECHANICS The game is called Guess Whos Famous? Every group will choose a representative who will compete to guess who the famous person in media is. Each clue has a corresponding point. If on first clue, a group is already able to guess the famous personality, they get 20 points. If on the second clue, 15 points. And on the third, 5 points. There will be opportunities wherein ONLY one clue is given. This is worth 40 points. The group with the highest score will win. 13. Known as the King of Talk in Philippine A stagelocal media industry. actor, journalist, publicist, activist and TV personality, well known for his imaginary mirror question: What do you want to say to the person in front of you right now?He graduated in the Philippine Womens University with a bachelor and Masters degree in Communication Arts 14. Boy Abunda 15. He is a news anchor, journalist, and TV personality best known for his show which is synonymous to full circle.He graduated from Yale University. He is well known in the Philippines and international news for his full blown coverage of the recent onslaught of the supertyphoon. 16. She is a stand up comedian, television host, and actress well known for lending her voice in a Pixar film. An occasional host of award shows like the Academy and Emmy Awards.She is Madonnas 11th cousin. 17. TV Personalities These are people who use the television as their medium for information dissemination Information such as current affairs, advertisements, entertainment news, values, insights, and educational lessons are shared to their audience Examples of TV personalities are hosts (both for educational and entertainment purposes), news anchors, VJs, and artists. 18. Hosts a popular radio show with 150 stations worldwide on the station KIIS-FM. Well known for hosting a famous reality competition that features the best singers in the state. Also known to host the famous New Years Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, New York. 19. Ryan Seacrest 20. Best known for his controversial radio program, Good Times. His real name is Mohan Gumatay.Also well known for his controversial remarks and Forbidden Questions 21. Mo Twister 22. They host an award winning radio show spanning 15 years of age. Their listeners are called the Rushers. Their Top Ten segment brought forth two books compiling all the famous entries sent by their listeners. 23. Radio Personalities These are people who use radio as their main medium to disseminate facts and information and uses radio as their instructional media. AM/FM radio, podcasts News, events, entertainment Disc jockeys, radio broadcasters, radio instructors, radio scriptwriters 24. She is a broadcast journalist and CEO of 25. Maria Ressa 26. British novelist who was able to sell more than 400 million copies of a story, making it the best selling book series of all time. 27. JK Rowling 28. The Pulitzer Prize, a series of awards recognizing achievements in literature, poetry, history, music, and drama, was named after him. 29. Joseph Pulitzer 30. Journalists These are the people who use print or broadcast journalism to disseminate useful news and information to the public. Print journalists are those who write newspaper articles, periodicals, columns, biographies, books and plays. Nowadays they utilize the Internet to write in blogs. Broadcast journalists utilizes the television and radio as their media. Examples of journalists are columnists, bloggers, and authors. 31. Played Kim in the musical Miss Saigon First Asian actress to play the roles of Eponine and Fantine in the musical Les Miserables on Broadway Judge in the Philippines version of The Voice 32. Lea Salonga actress and musician 33. Played Deena Jones in the movie Dreamgirls Has a daughter named, Blue Ivy and is married to rapper/tycoon Jay Z Won the Grammy award 5 times 34. Beyonce singer, musician, actress, artist, entertainer 35. Musicians/Artists/Entertainers 36. Also known as Mareng WinnieProfessor Emeritus, UP School of Economics Hosts the show, Bawal and Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie 37. Solita Monsod Professor, Host, Economist 38. Teaches short film production at the University of Southern California and screenwriting at University of California Starred as the gangster, Alien in Springbreakers Played the title role in 127 Hours 39. James Franco Actor, Director, Filmmaker, Professor 40. How is James Franco as a teacher? I think that a lot of people figured his assistant would teach the class and he wasn't going to be there but he's there every week and he's completely dedicated. We've even met during optional class meetings. He definitely cares a lot about teaching and it's not just something he's just doing. As a teacher he's has office hours and is pretty normal. He's attentive and listens to 12 people each read a ten-minute story and gives five or 10 minutes of feedback every week. Any lesson that he's taught that stood out? I wasn't interested in making film before, but now that I've started to experiment with Final Cut Pro it's definitely inspired me to look at film more. I was inspired to turn one of my writings [into a short film] for a campus film fest because now I know how to edit. So I mentioned it to him and he told me to bring it into class so we could watch it. And right away the next week in class he asked if I had the movie and we showed it and the class liked it. So if anything it's just really cool. I'm not saying he's going to expose my work, it's just kind of nice to have someone that you admire see something that you article: Exceprt from the made give you feedback. Celebrity Professor James Franco: A UCLA Student Talks About What It Was Like to Take the Actor's Screenplay Class By Brittany Taylor Fri., Mar. 15 2013 41. TIME 2013s Person of the Year 42. The 255th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis 43. Teachers / Experts