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Research Opportunities in Europe (MSCA, ERC, etc) & EURAXESS Researchers in Motion European Higher Education Virtual Fair 2015 India and South Asia Webinar 27 November 2015 Ainhitze Bizkarralegorra Bravo l Country Representative l EURAXESS Links India

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Research Opportunities in Europe(MSCA, ERC, etc)

&EURAXESS Researchers in Motion

European Higher Education Virtual Fair 2015India and South Asia

Webinar 27 November 2015

Ainhitze Bizkarralegorra Bravo l Country Representative l EURAXESS Links India

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EURAXESS Links India at EHEVF 2015

Part 1- Research Opportunities in EuropeIntroduction to Horizon 2020 (ERC, MSCA)I. European Research Council (ERC)II. Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA)III. Erasmus Mundus (Euphrates call)IV. Other (European countries/organisations)

Part 2- EURAXESS Researchers in Motion

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European Research Area (ERA)

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Why Europe?

Top quality & leading RI/HEI


One ticket: several countries

One more language: many more windows

Around the corner for Indian researcher/student

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Research Opportunities in the European Union

& more (ERA countries, etc)

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Policy Research and Innovation

What is Horizon 2020?• One of the largest ( 80 bn € !) and most

open public R&I programmes in the world (2014-20)

• Funding for Research & Innovation: Collaborative projects for applied research European Research Council grants for basic

research Fellowships supporting the mobility of researchers

("Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions")

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Policy Research and Innovation

Three priorities

Excellent Excellent sciencescience

Industrial Industrial leadershipleadership

Societal Societal challengeschallenges

80 bn €

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Policy Research and Innovation

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCAs)

& ERC grants (European Research Council)

• Individual Indian researchers• No pre-determined research fields • 4 MSCA schemes: Individual Fellowships (for

researchers with PhD or 4 years of relevant experience – usually for 2 years), etc.

• 3 main ERC schemes: Starting Grants,Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants (very competitive !)

• Mobility involved

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Starting Grantsstarters

(2-7 years after PhD) up to € 1.5 Mio for 5 years

Advanced Grants track-record of

significant researchachievements in the

last 10 yearsup to € 2.5 Mio

for 5 years

Proof-of-Concept bridging gap between research - earliest

stage of marketable innovation up to €150,000 for ERC grant holders

ERC Grant Schemes

Consolidator Grantsconsolidators

(7-12 years after PhD) up to € 2 Mio for 5 years

│ 10

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ERC offers independence, recognition & visibility• - a research topic of own choice, with a team of own choice• - financial autonomy for 5 years• - to negotiate with host institution the best conditions of

work• - top team members (EU and non-EU) and collaborators• - portability of grant (to move with the grant to any place

in Europe if necessary)• - to attract additional funding and gain recognition

(ERC is a quality label)

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ERC Grant

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Call identifier ERC-2016-StG ERC-2016-CoG ERC-2016-AdG

Call Opens 29 July 2015 15 October 2015 24 May 2016

Deadline 17 November 2015 2 February 2016 1 September 2016

Budget million EUR(estimated grants) 485 (335) 605 (335) 540 (235)

Planned dates to inform applicants

29 April 2016

1 September 2016

1 July 2016

1 December 2016

16 January 2017

16 March 2017

Indicative date for signature of grant

agreements1 January 2017 1 April 2017 16 July 2017


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May-Britt Moser

ERC Grantee

AdG 2010

The Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine 2014 was awarded to May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser, together with John O'Keefe, "for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain”.The research leading to these discoveries was supported by FP5. ("Spatial Representation in the Entorhinal Cortex” Science 2004)

Edvard Moser

ERC Grantee

AdG 2013

ERC Grantee

AdG 2008

2014 Distinctions to ERC Grantees

The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2014 was awarded to Jean Tirole "for his analysis of market power and regulation".Jean Tirole

ERC Grantee

AdG 2009

Two of the Fields Medals 2014 awarded to researchers based in Europe: Artur Avila "for his work in dynamical systems” and to Martin Hairer “for his work on stochastic singularities”.

Artur Avila

ERC Grantee

StG 2010

Martin Hairer

ERC Grantee

CoG 2014

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Her birthplace in Warsaw.

La Sorbonne, where she studied Physical Science.

Her thesis director, Gabriel Lippmann.

Pierre and Marie Curie.

Maria Skłodowska…

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Key features MSCA

Mobility of researchers from all over the world

Both junior and senior, at any career stage

Focus on training and career development

Financing rate 100%Allowances (for fellow) and management/training costs (for host)

Competitive calls Independent evaluators

Subjects: all (bottom-up)Type: all (From basic research up to market take-up)

Anywhere: any research performing organisation, public/private worldwide

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Special tags:

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Horizon 2020 l Participant Portalhttps://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/


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Erasmus+Higher education opportunities for the whole world


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2007-2013 Erasmus Mundus (phasing out)

Erasmus Mundus EUPHRATES Programme mobility from India to Europe 

students/researchers: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate (PhD), Postdoctorate (PD) and Administrative-Teaching Staff

Fields: Agricultural Science; Engineering, Technology; Medical Sc; Natural Sc

Target Group 1: universities belonging to consortium Target Group 2: not included in the partnershipTarget Group 3: Nationals of India in a vulnerable situation


  http://www.usc.es/euphratesDeadline: 7 January 2016 (NEW and last call!)


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EURAXESS Researchers in Motion l Your Gateway to ERA

1.- EURAXESS Links India

2.- EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion

3.- How we work

4.- What we offer

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1.- EURAXESS Links India l WHAT

Research information & networking tool in India

Part of EURAXESS-Researchers in Motion:

Pan-European initiative: covering ERA

Backed by the European Union, MS and AC

Made of 4 tools


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2.- EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion l TOOLS

recruitment tool open to European and non-European

practical information for researchers + their family research opportunities in host country

rights and obligations of researchers and their employer

info & networking for researchers outside Europe (ASEAN, Brazil, China, India, Japan, North America)

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EURAXESS Services Centres

o free access

o more than 260 centres in 40 countries

o all matters relating to professional and daily life

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3.- EURAXESS Links India l in Action

How EURAXESS works in India:(i) Services by EURAXESS Links India(ii) EURAXESS Links India Events(iii) Individual assistance

Supported by 1 Country Representative and a team in Germany (PT-DLR) for EURAXESS Links Network

In close collaboration with EU Delegation to Indiaand European countries/organisations

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(i) Services by EURAXESS Links India

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(ii) EURAXESS Links India Events

EURAXESS Share• discuss & share best practices in general

EURAXESS Connect• opportunities in particular research fields

EURAXESS Science Slam• Global European event (6 locations)• Science communication competition• 2015 finals on 30 Oct. in Bangalore

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4.- EURAXESS Links India l Opportunities

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EURAXESS Links India ready to support you!

Register today: EURAXESS Links India community!

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EURAXESS Links India

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Research Opportunities in Europe

* EURAXESS-Researchers in Motion => Gateway to European Research & Innovation

(i.e. four tools: Jobs, Services, Rights, Links)

** EURAXESS Links India => Your key in India

(e.g. EURAXESS Science Slam 2015)