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  • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?
  • Research and Planning Before creating our documentaries we researched on previous documentaries using the Apple Macs to observe previous documentaries. We also used computers to research on our subject of knife crime, by using Google to search the issues related to knife crime. We also used YouTube to observe codes and conventions of other documentaries of our chosen genre. We used websites like BBC to analyse documentaries such as Paranoma to see how we could contribute the analysis to our documentary.
  • Research and Planning We used websites like Sky to analyse TV listings to contribute to our magazine article. We used the radio to analyse Radio channels such as Capital FM to study radio trailers. We used mobile phones to contact each other in the group to share ideas about the documentary. Also to contact the people being interviewed
  • Research and Planning We used blogger to display our ideas, also to share ideas with each other. We used Microsoft word and PowerPoint to display our planning so all of had an idea of how to make the documentary. We used Hotmail to contact the professional interviews. We used slide share and scribed to display our information on the blog as this was an easy way as well s a effective way.
  • Construction We used a Canon camera to shoot all of our documentary, this camera was effective and provided us with great camera quality. Also we used a Canon camera to take pictures for our magazine article. To record we also used a tripod to position the camera correctly. We used headphones to correct the sound levels whilst recording as well as whilst editing. We used a microphone to get great sound quality whilst shooting vox pops and interviews. We also used a microphone to record our voice over. We also used a microphone for the voice over in our radio trailer.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We log and transferred all the clips we needed for our documentary, we also renamed them so it would be easier. Adding text was essential for our documentary , therefore we chose the text tool to add text to the image.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We used the typewriter tool to add statistics to the video footage, as this would make the statistics stand out. We added a slug to add a caption to the interviews, we did this to add to the professionalism of the documentary.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We added various video filters to our documentary to make improve the footage. We used the colour corrector to improve footage quality of the documentary and to correct colour levels.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We used the colour corrector to change the colour of the prison footage to black and white as this adds to the serious tone of our documentary. We used the directional blur to blur the footage behind the statistics, this made the text stand out.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We used the cross zoom as a transition as this made our documentary look effective as well as quickly changed one scene to another. We used the blur tool to blur images and videos in our documentary , when the text was on display.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We used the speed tool to change the pace of some clips, we used for slow motion as well as fast motion. We linked the videos to the sound so they would play correctly.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We added the background music and made sure it played at the write time and was always playing behind the clips.
  • Construction Documentary-Editing We exported the documentary in to a quick time movie so it would be suitable to play on a DVD We finally uploaded everything along with out documentary on the blog.
  • Construction Radio Trailer In order to create a radio trailer that would promote our documentary we used clips from our documentary. We chose clips that had the sound that would help our radio trailer be effective. We un linked the clip from the sound, as radio trailers arent visual using final cut express we edited each clip what we needed by deleting the visual from the clip.
  • Construction Radio Trailer Sound levels were an essential part of the radio trailer, as the radio trailer is only sound-based. Therefore we changed the sound levels so they were all similar. We made sure every clip has similar sound levels as this is important for the listener. Once the radio trailer was finished we exported it into a music file.
  • Construction Magazine Article Once we opened a double page spread on Indesign, we drew a text box for the article. All the text boxes were of the same size to get effective columns. Once we had drawn the text box, we started writing the article.
  • Construction Magazine Article Pull quotes were an essential part of our article, therefore the font had to be of a bigger size so they would stand out. Pull quotes are designed to stand out between the rest of the article therefore we changed the colour to red. Also red was the colour of the main title.
  • Construction Magazine Article In order to create a professional magazine article , all the article had to be a certain. We chose this font as this related to the serious and bold tone of the subject of knife crime. We found that a Dropcap had been a essential code and convention, therefore we added a drop cap to the article.
  • Construction of magazine Article Once we had written the article, it was important to place the main image.
  • Construction Magazine Article In order to get the best quality of the image it was important to fit it accurately, therefore we fit the image proportionally to the frame to avoid bad quality. We added two subsidiary images to our main image to give an insight to our documentary. We placed the images on the ride side.
  • Construction Magazine Article We added a subheading to the main image which informed the reader of the date, time and channel. We made the font a bigger size and chose to have it in a black bold colour. We drew a text box for the main title and rotated it so it would slide across the main image.
  • Construction Magazine Article We chose a bold font for the main title and made sure the size of the main title was the biggest on the magazine article. We chose the main title to be the same colour as the pull quotes as this was the colour theme of our magazine article.
  • Construction Magazine Article A popular code and convention of a magazine article is a caption promoting the magazine itself so we added this at the bottom of the article , choosing the same font as the article. We changed the colour of this to blue as this would promote the colour theme of the TV listings guide.
  • Evaluation I used prezi to create a effective presentation for one of the evaluation questions, to meet the Level 4 requirements of a effective presentation. I used PowerPoint to create my presentations, as PowerPoint is an effective to display information. I used slide share to present my evaluations on blogger. I used blogger to display all my evaluation in a effective way.
  • Evaluation I used a DVD of my documentary to analyse what I will be evaluating in my documentary. I used the Apple Macs to screenshot the construction of my documentary. I used a computer to screenshot the construction of my magazine article in InDesign.