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Evaluation A2.

Evaluation A2 Creative Critical Reflection

My media product uses some conventions and few conventions are challenged as well.Before the production of my music video I did a complete research on what music videos are and their different genres out of which we selected Pop rock.A music videois a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes.Pop rock is a fusion genre that mixes a catchy pop style and light lyrics in its guitar-based rock songs. The lightings shown in the pop rock videos are high key and low key, both and depends on the song type.The song/music used in the music video is western while the story belongs to Eastern society, through which conventions are challenged as in original video, western culture is highlighted whereas this video depicts the norms of eastern society.

Q1: How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?

Our music video was mainly a promotion of a pop rock band. The codes and conventions seen in pop rock music videos are that the bands usually have long, medium shots in the videos and featuring the artist playing the instrument or lip syncing. An example of this is She will be loved- Maroon 5 (the song we are using- but the acoustic version)

The pop rock music videos are mostly Performance and Narrative based.The guitarist, vocalist or a drummer are featured.The settings can be done indoor and outdoor as well, it all depends on the story type.The pop rock music videos also show the band performing on a stage or with a big crowd. An example of this is a music video Closer to the edge by thirty seconds to Mars.

Facial expressions of the band are shown of how passionate they are about their music.Close up of the bands instruments are also shown.

The outfit/clothing is again on important part of the conventions of pop rock Genre. The artist and cast is normally seen wearing casual clothes(denim jeans or jackets- depending on the type of the song) in the music videos. An example of casual clothing is pop rock music video is :Counting stars- One republic.

The conventions we followed in our Music Videos are :

The guitarist is featured and her mid shot is taken.

Band members expressions are shown being passion for music.

A stage has been shown where they are performing but the crowd is not Shown in our music video which Challenges the Conventions.

Extreme close up of the guitarist playing the guitar.

The band is wearing casual jeans shirt.

Our music video is Performance and Narrative based, both. There is no relationship between the lyrics and visuals.

SOCIAL GROUPS:Our music video highlights the differences and gap between different social groups with respect to their social, educational and financial status. In a country like Pakistan, social norms establish that it is ethically impossible for a servant to fall in love with the owner /master (where you work).Our music video has shown a story where the domestic helper falls in love with the owner where he works and she is shown getting married and the servant is shown helpless, sad, and emotional of letting her go with someone else. His expressions are shown :


The protagonist(servant) is shown as checking her out/staring her while serving tea, which shows he has started liking her.

Here again he is shown as staring her and his facial expressions show him being interested in the girl.

These screenshots show that the protagonist is in a shock and heart broken watching her getting married to someone else. Here the social groups have been highlighted as he is a servant and cannot prolong with his love with the girl and social norms do not even allow him to express his feelings as the girl belongs to well established rich family while the protagonist belongs from deprive classes and works in her house as a servant and have no chance of being together and having a future with her.