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<p>Hifsa HussainEvaluationMedia Studies AS</p> <p>Evaluation </p> <p>My masthead is the same as the Plumstead Manor Website as it is aimed as Sixth form students, also as it carrys on the house style from the website and letters, my masthead has the school name as well as the magazine name so it. One of the bad things is that my Magazine name is too faint so it is hard to notice, so I will change this when we make our final product. I changed the colour to red as in my survey they wanted to see the red alongside other colours, they said they would like to see this colour as it is eye catching, and it draws them towards the magazine. I will use this masthead throughout my magazine where it is needed I.E the contents page.My magazine name, sixth form magazine this is too faint and is hard to notice, also the colour of the background has been darken as I have printscreened The background of my masthead used to be white, I changed the colour to red as it wouldnt blend in with the background of my magazine which is white. The background of the masthead shows the motto `Plumstead manor has . </p> <p>I have used three different images on my front cover; I used a long shot image of the Sixth form building, I used this image as it relates to my target audience who are 16-18 years old, sixth form students. This image will appeal to my audience and other students, as it is a new building and it is modern looking, I made the building the optical view as it stands out and will attract their attention. I have also used a picture of a student doing her work in the sixth form building, she is smiling which shes happy and gives a positive message. In my third picture I have a picture of two students talking and smiling this shows they are having a good time and they are enjoying their time. The first thing a reader will look at is my medium close up of the one student as they then get interested about why theyre there, also it is in the optical center.In this picture you can see some of the resources the sixth form provides, table tennis. This shows what students can do during their break and lunch times.This is my medium close up of the student, in background you can see the equipment that is available for students to use whenever they need. In this picture you can see students have their own space to relax or do revision during their free periods. </p> <p>For my cover lines I used most of suggested topics my research group wanted to see. I did this as this magazine is for them and these topics are appealing to them so, it will attract them. I used the colour red and purple as they were the colours was the most suggested ones and attracted them the most. All my topics relate to the students and are helpful for them. Magazine.docxThis is my optical view of the building as this is the sixth form building and it relates to them, I have changed the contrast and brightness, as it was dull before. This cover line shows, that there are important things they need to read about, as once again it has to relate to them and affects themThis cover lines involves the reader and gives them a chance to give feedback These cover lines attract my target audience, as it relates to them.</p>