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Evaluation powerpoint - Q1

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  • 1. AS Media G321 Evaluation 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Gregory McLaney

2. Just like this Vibe magazine I have a header which offers the bands that are going to be in the magazine. My magazine has a similar style mast head to Vibe its large and bold which is behind the main artists head. However my 3D text challenges the conventions of a real product. Both my magazine and Vibe have the main artists name as the largest sub font. Both my magazine and Vibe have used sell and cover lines to attract the audience. This is a typical convention of a music magazine Just like Vibe my magazine fits the convention of offering free/.interesting elements. These features attract audiences. Using/Developing Ideas From Other Music Magazines (Front Cover) 3. Challenging Ideas From Other Music Magazines (Front Cover) Unlike most magazines Ive used 3D Text for my mast head. This is unusual and challenges the conventions of most music magazines. I have done this to create a unique, current and stylish appeal to my music magazine. A lot of music magazines have flashers. However, there arent a lot of flashers that offer free prizes which I did to create an eye catching and audience attracting feature. Another element which challenges a few music magazines is the use of a background images. I had graffiti in my background to link with Hip-Hop. However, a lot of magazines have plain white backgrounds. 4. Using/Developing Ideas From Other Music Magazines (Contents Page) Mast Head: Just like this example of a music magazine NME Ive used my consistent mast head thats used throughout my magazine. Band Index: Similarly to this NME edition, Ive combined all of the artists names under an index which creates an easy to read section for the audience.Date: Ive put the date of the magazine in under the title of the page this feature is a basic convention of a music magazine. Subscription Section: Ive included a subscription subject just like the one in NME this is to attract the audience to further editions of my magazine. Ive included subheadings to my contents page just like the ones in this NME page. This creates an easy to read layout for the reader.The final features that fits with the conventions of music magazines is the use of a main image and a description of the main image. 5. Challenging Ideas From Other Music Magazines (Contents Page) Unlike the NME magazine and most magazine contents pages I added a Polarized picture effect with text on top of the image. I did this to create a unique retro hip-hop effect. This effect will attract the hip-hop readers that come from the generational context of the genre. Ive also added a footer and more section. This is sometimes used as a feature of music magazines however it isnt always used therefore, Ive subverted the ideas of usual music magazines. 6. Using/Developing Ideas From Other Music Magazines (Double Page Spread Article) Here is an example of a double page spread from NME magazine. Both my magazine and the NME magazine have situated the main artists on the right page of the double page spread. Just like NME and other music magazines I have inserted the title of the double page spread, a caption quote and text describing the article. All of these features are conventions that a lot of magazines abide by. Similarly to NME I have used graffiti throughout both pages to convey a sense of Hip-Hop heritage. It also expresses a sense of colourfulness which was suggested through my work in research and planning in group work and questionnaires.Ive added a small flasher in the top right of my double page spread article this is done in this NME edditon and other music magazines abiding by the conventions. Finally, I have added the writers name in the bottom right of the page. This is a typical convention of music magazines and it is also present in the NME music magazine. On my first page of my double page spread in the bottom left I added the page number, mast head and date. This is a typical convention of music magazines and this NME example. 7. Challenging Ideas From Other Music Magazines (Contents Page) I have challenged a few features of music magazines. Firstly, comparing to NME I have added typography above the artists head with a shadow/reflection effect. This effect works well and I have done it to create a unique style point. However, it isnt a typical convention of a music magazine. In addition, another feature of my music magazine which challenges the typical conventions of a music magazine is the layered effect of graffiti splashes. I purposely did this effect to link the page and making the audience view spontaneous linking the two images. However, it isnt typical for magazine to generically use this style of editing to link the pages. But, due to my imagery I thought it was appropriate and Im pleased with the overall effect which was created. Unfortunately, I couldnt gain access to appropriate props to include In this double page spread article. This challenges ideas from other music magazines. However, I still think I have been successive in creating a double page spread which connotes Hip-hop in the correct way/.