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Evaluation Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Evaluation Question 2

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Page 1: Evaluation Question 2

Evaluation Question 2How does your media product represent

particular social groups?

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My magazine was created with the aim to attract the target audience of males and females aged 16 to early 20’s. This was because after researching and gathering the demographics and psychographics of my target audience, i realised this is who would be buying my magazine, those who are interested in the genre of rock.

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My magazine represents a variety of social groups in society for a number of reasons.

One example is the fact that I have used female artists for the main article/cover image. This represents the female side of my target audience, something that is not often done within the genre. I have done this in the hopes to inspire my female readers while also maintaing those in my target audience who are male.

Page 4: Evaluation Question 2

By using models of different ethnic groups, I have also represented social groups of different backgrounds.

I have used a white model, as this is conventional of a rock magazine and also represents those who are of european decent within the rock community (the majority)

However I have also used a mixed race model in order to represent those in the non-white social groups within my target audience, in the hope to appeal to them as well.

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I have not used any flashy outfits for my magazine photo shoots or wildly expensive props. This was done to represent those who may be in the lower-income social groups within my target audience.

The use of T-shirts and jeans in the photos show no indication to extreme wealth, which would appeal to my target audience as they are quite young and therefore wouldn't have access to a large amount of money