EWIL creating an interactive timeline

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Creating an Interactive timeline on Dipity


  • 1. Choosing the TopicCreating an account at www.Dipity.comDeciding what kind of resources are needed Multimedia (image, Video, e.t.c.)Creating the interactive timeline Creating the events while adding the resources
  • 2. The topic chosen that carries a strong cultural reference is:Book Craftsmanship It is an intellectually challenging concept It gives the opportunity to user to get in touch with new subjects, such as book preservation
  • 3. In order to use In the main then the e-this application page of the site form with theas a free users, the Join Dipity data required one have to button has to has to be filled register in this be pressed in site.
  • 4. Creation of Adding the a new events along timeline: with: After the user Textaccount is createdthe creation of thetimeline can begin ImagesAfter the Timeline is created new events can be added References (Links)
  • 5. http://www.dipity.com/cpapanikola/Book-Craftmanship/