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1. The beginning is always today! Wishing you good times, good health, good cheer, and a very happy! Festival and Celebration Special Day of Thailand What is the special day in the each of month? 2. Father s Day is in December. Mother s Day is in August. New Year s Day is in &&&... Children s Day is in &&&... Valentine s Day is in &&&... Songkran Festival Day is in &.. Loy Krathong Day is in &&&. What are you going to do on&..? What are you going to do on Makha Bucha Day ? I m going to&&&&&&&&& give alms to the monks. go to the temple to listen to the sermons. go to the Wien Tien ceremony at the temple . 3. What are you going to do on Songkran Day ? I m going to &&&&&&&&.. &&&&&&&&&&&&&. &&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&& Songkran is a Thai traditional New Year which startson April 13 every year and lasts for 3 days. They re the long holidays for Thai people. Songkran festival is also the family day especially Apr.14 . 4. What do we do in Songkran festival? Before the festival begins. We clean the houses and keep them tidy. It means to be having the good luck. On Apr. 13, the people go to the temples. They give food to the monks in the morning. Because April is in the hot season. So in the afternoon, the people enjoy throwing water to each other. 5. On Apr.14 , they pour Thai perfume to the monks hands. It shows their respect to the monks. Not only the monks they do this for their grandparents or parents too. They ll bless them to be in good health. On Apr.15,the last day of the festival the people still enjoy throwing water or have funny party in the family. They also enjoy playing in Thai entertainment. 6. Some people were making the sand pagodas in groups of friends and others were doing it as a family. Finally,they won t forget to let the birds out of the cages or the fish to the river. The meaning is to protect them from the danger and for the charity.