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<p>FINAL CUT PRO X</p> <p>FINAL CUT PRO XHOW DID YOU USE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION?</p> <p>I am extremely happy with the outcome of using the lens flare, as it added to the professionalism, was a very easy and quick to use. I feel it also adds perfectly to the natural sunlight in the shot, along with the idea of this scene being the perfect romantic scene that Ben Austin idolizes. The lens flare was an option in the transition section, and we was able to hover over the transition in order to see the effect.</p> <p> This was useful as it saved time that would have spent if we were to test out each transition and move each one that didnt work, this would likely have caused our artist to knock out of sync with the track.</p> <p>We wanted to create the idea of a superimposed shot to connote the idea that the female actor is being watched, so we wanted CCTV in there, as we thought this would be a clever way to break conventions. So therefore we shot a cctv and layered the shots on top of each other in the timeline. However, we didnt like the end outcome as it appeared too harsh and unprofessional, therefore we came up with another idea.</p> <p>1st attempt:2nd attempt:We decided to superimpose a shot of cctv and lower the opacity to connote the idea of being watched.</p> <p>Along with the timecode filter and we placed it in the top right corner. It originally came with a black background but we lowered the opacity to a grey to make it less harsh, and we are extremely happy with this outcome.</p> <p>Cross dissolve was a very useful transition to use as it was very effective and was very versatile as we could use the transition in pretty much any shot.When adding the transition, we were able to decide how long we wanted the transition to last, e.g. if we we wanted it to be a longer transition the blend would be slower and would last longer, but if we we wanted the transition to be quicker we would shrink the transition in the timeline, this was useful when we wanted to cut on the beat in a calm way in order to suit our pop acoustic genre.Also the use of a short transition such as cross dissolve would lead to some very effective superimposed images, e.g. this one with the female actors eyes along with the trees in the background. The outcome was very successful and I enjoyed how many options there were with transitions.</p> <p>Due to there being so many options on final cut pro x for transitions, we were able to find the perfect one to connote the idea we wanted to portray to the viewers.Therefore, gaussian was an extreme blur transition, which would help connote the idea that Bens reality and vision has been distorted sue to the news. This was an effective transition for when the first shot of Sophie with the new actor Joe is introduced, as also creates a blurry shot for the audience.</p> <p>The montage at the end of the music video to represent their relationship was easily illustrated using final cut pro X, as a flashback transition was used to cut fro Ben singing into camera to then a memory of Sophie with the coloration edited.</p> <p>We had not yet used this transition in the music video up until the montage as we felt it would most effective if it was only used once, and therefore would have more meaning.</p> <p>These were just come of the effective uses we made with final cut pro x, overall the software was extremely useful in helping to connote ideas to the audience and enhance the story line., and create synergy as well as adding professionalism.The use of synergy was created throughout the music video also, as we used the symbolic sign of candles throughout the music video, but we also used the same transition to introduce the candles each time which was similar to a flash. Therefore, when the transition appeared the audience could anticipate a shot of candles to represent Bens love.Also the use of the keyboard when created the music video was helpful as it would have been time consuming to only use the mouse, as cmd b was used for blade and cmd m for a marker and the marker was extremely useful when we were wanted to cut on the beat and sync up the track and the artist singing.</p>