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  1. 1. / +91-4060 50 1418 Final Cut Pro X Training Skype: Global.onlinetrainings USA: +1-516-8586-242 UK:+44 (0)203 371 0077
  2. 2. Global Online Trainings To give an overview Global Online Trainings is a leading training services corporation specializing in providing Online Trainings and Corporate Trainings to individuals and Enterprises. Our high quality, competitive and effective training services makes us the best in this field our professional team carries excellent instructional experience through many years and understands the complexity of the technology and methods of training delivery. We provide the trainings with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who has good experience in their primary skills, currently we have more tutors in all the technologies for online trainings and corporate trainings. We provide trainings for below technologies 1. SAP (All Modules) 2. Oracle (All Modules) 3. SAS (All Modules) 4. IBM Tools 5. Microsoft Applications 6. Web Technologies and Other technologies 7. Middleware tools / +91-4060 50 1418
  3. 3. / +91-4060 50 1418 Introduction To Final Cut Pro X Course: The Final Cut Pro X is the revolutionary editing application which includes many new concepts & features that are different from those in old versions of Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro X is an revolutionary video editing application that helps all the beginners As well as the professionals in achieve stunning results. The final cut pro x training from Global Online Trainings by expert professionals, The participants become very much familiar with the user interface while they learn how to perform editing functions. The participants are allowed to work with real-world media to learn practical approaches to video editingright from the basic techniques to the Final Cut Pros advanced powerful features. Following section takes you arround the prerequisites and the list of the topics which we are going to cover as a part of Final Cut Pro x Online Training, for more details contact our help desk now!
  4. 4. / +91-4060 50 1418 Prerequisites of Final Cut Pro X Training : Participants are suggested to have knowledge of OS X & basic computer navigation. Basic knowledge of video editing terminology is recommended.
  5. 5. / +91-4060 50 1418 FINAL CUT PRO X TRAINING COURSE CONTENT: TOPIC 1:INTRO TO FINAL CUT PRO X Intro to Final Cut Pro X Event Browser Views Practice Media Files-Final Cut Pro X Training Interface Windows
  6. 6. / +91-4060 50 1418 TOPIC 2: FINAL CUT PRO EVENTS Intro to Final Cut Pro X Event Browser Views Concepts of Practice Media Files-Final Cut Pro X Training Interface Windows
  7. 7. / +91-4060 50 1418 TOPIC 3: IMPORTING MEDIA Importing Video Into Final Cut Pro X Referencing Media Transcoding Media Symbolic Links Consolidating Media (10.1) Users Only Consolidating Media in Final Cut Pro X (10.1.2 update) Analyzing Media Concepts Of Keywords as a part of Final Cut Pro X Training Capturing from Tape
  8. 8. / +91-4060 50 1418 TOPIC 4: EDITING TECHNIQUES Append Edit Select and Position Tools Insert Editing Rolling Trim and the Precision Editor Ripple Edit and the Precision Editor Replace Edit Connecting Clips Concepts Of Slip Edit-Final Cut Pro X Training Creating an Audition
  9. 9. / +91-4060 50 1418 TOPIC 5: AUDIO LEVELS Author Notes: Adding effects to a commercial Picture in Picture Video Filters-Final Cut Pro X Training Keyframing a graphic Compound Clips Adding a Dissolve Transitions and Sound Effects
  10. 10. / +91-4060 50 1418 TOPIC 6: ADDING EFFECTS - COMMERCIAL Author Notes: Adding effects to a commercial Picture in Picture Video Filters Keyframing a graphic Compound Clips-Final Cut Pro X Training Adding a Dissolve Transitions and Sound Effects
  11. 11. / +91-4060 50 1418 SECTION 7: ADDITIONAL VIDEO LESSONS Creating a Title Color Masks Chroma Keying Chroma Key Drop Shadow Gradients Concepts In Final Cut Pro X Training Place Holders Finding People Searching Clips Mapping Keyboard Shortcuts Multicam Editing
  12. 12. / +91-4060 50 1418 OPIC 8: ADDITIONAL FINAL CUT PRO X LESSONS Export Sharing Pleasantville Effect Color Correction Blurring a persons face compositing Censor Effect Importing Still Images Camera Flash Transition Ken Burns Effect Alpha Matte Effect Preview As A Part Of Final Cut Pro X Training Draw Mask Effect Slow Motion Speed Ramp Effect
  13. 13. / +91-4060 50 1418 Overview on final cut pro x: Final cut pro x used in movie making and post production, it stream line the every step of the process with the break through interface with this you can work more faster and be more creative. It is modern 64 bit architecture. The final cut pro x includes the key sound editing with this you can use the single application for the entire post production workflow.Further will be discussed in detail as a part of Final Cut Pro X Training It is an powerful and professional editor, so you can instead & override with the single keystoke. The plus classic editing technique like audio split techniques etc are easier than ever. It has the featured inline procession editor which let you see all the available material for a short at a glance, Final Cut Pro X offers robust media management based on unique identifiers that are added to every clip upon import.Learn all these techniques inFinal Cut Pro X Training The final cut pro x has the colour sink pipeline, the colours are consistent all the way from input to the final output which inturn easily improves the look and feel of the short which in previous uses to take hours,now it takes seconds.
  14. 14. Final cut pro x Training outline: Course Name: Final Cut Pro X Training course Duration : 35 Hours Mode of Training : Online virtual classes and corporate Timings : According to ones feasibility System Access : will be provided Batch : Regular , weekends and fast track Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF OT WORD Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE. Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset / +91-4060 50 1418
  15. 15. Steps To Register for Final Cut Pro X Training at Global Online Trainings : Step 1 : Type in any of the web browsers, you will find the Global Online Trainings page. Step 2: Click an Option called Request a demo option in the menu bar. / +91-4060 50 1418
  16. 16. Step 3: Fill the contact us form and click on send option: / +91-4060 50 1418
  17. 17. Step 4: You can also leave a message to us by using the pop up box at the bottom left corner of the website. / +91-4060 50 1418
  18. 18. Please Reach Us On Email: / +91-4060 50 1418
  19. 19. Thank you.! / +91-4060 50 1418