First draft audience feedback summary

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First draft audience feedback summary


<ul><li> 1. First draft audience feedback SUMMARY By Josh Davey</li></ul> <p> 2. Camerawork The first drafts camera work is entirely conventional because: Correctly represents characters Correctly represents the psychological disorder Shows necessary scenes 3. Editing The editing was entirely conventional because: Its fast paced and dramatic Adds conventional themes such as tension Speeds up as the sound does 4. Sound The sound was entirely conventional because: It adds tension and mystery It starts of slow and increases in speed Increases in speed in conjunction to the editing 5. Mise-en-scene The mise-en-scene was conventional because: The low key lighting shows the protagonist in danger and builds tension Locations are everyday locations which matches the plot Transitions in lighting between protagonist and antagonists 6. Summary In order to improve I have been given the following list from the feedback: -Change locations for the antagonist scenes (as it's obvious it's a classroom) -Add in more little details -Re-film the pill taking scene in a vast amount of locations -Show more of the antagonist, create more fear</p>