First draft audience feedback

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First draft audience feedback


<ul><li> 1. FIRST DRAFT AUDIENCE FEEDBACK By Josh Davey</li></ul> <p> 2. 1. Does the first draft of my film trailer meet the conventions, if so why? Everyone answered yes and stated: It was exciting, and kept the audience on the edge It used conventional shot types and conventions of the genre It shows small clips of scenes to keep the audience guessing It leaves the audience guessing Gives away little of the story but enough to interest the audience 3. 2.Does it appeal to you as a member of the target audience? Why? Everyone answered yes and stated: It looks exciting and has a lot of conventional elements Its interesting and mysterious Keeps the audience interested Makes the audience want to find out more about the film and what happens to the protagonist 4. 3.Is my use of camera angles conventional? All of the audience answered yes and stated: It shows the situations clearly Conventionally represents specific characters Point of view shots and wide angle shots helped to show off the protagonists mental state It shows meaning and relationships between the characters 5. 4.Is my use of sound conventional? All of the audience answered yes, stating: The sound makes the scenes more tense It adds build up and conventionally builds up as the trailer goes on, working into more past paced and tense scenes. It creates tension and justifies the shot types 6. 5.Is my use of editing conventional? All of the audience answered yes, stating: The editing is slower paced and then builds up to fast paced It shows transitions between the equilibrium and disequilibrium Having the monologue to begin and end makes it more tense and engages the audience, making them feel at one with the protagonist 7. 6.Is my use of mise-en-scene conventional? All of the audience answered yes, stating: It is conventional because they locations are in everyday areas, which is what the plot is about The scenes of the antagonist are in high key lighting, showing their dominance The scenes of the protagonist are in low key lighting, showing hes in a situation, creating tension and mystery 8. 7.Do you feel Ive met the criteria and conventionally created a film trailer that appeals to the target audience? All of the audience answered yes 9. 8.Please list some improvements. Change location for the antagonist scenes Add in more chase sequences More tension Re film the pill taking in more locations 10. Summary Overall from this feedback, I have found out that it does appeal to the target audience greatly, with only a few minor issues that need to be fixed. I have decided after gaining all my feedback that I am going to do the following to improve: Re-film the pill taking scenes in multiple different locations Re-film the government agent scenes in a more conventional location Add in additional chase scenes</p>