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FNBE0214 - Social Psychology (Video Report)

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Group Members: Ahmad Razin(0318799) Chew Yu Jing(0317739) Chia Sue Hwa(0317920) Khor Yen Min(0318149)Lecturer: T. ShankarIntake: February 2014Submission Date: 8TH December 2014

CONTENT PAGEi. Acknowledgementii. Introduction iii. Methoda) Apparatus / Materialsb) Procedureiv. Discussiona) Concept and Definitionb) Storyboard Designc) Application and Analysisd) Conclusionv. Referencesvi. Appendix


This assignment would not be complete without the effort and co-operation from our group members, Ahmad Razin, Chew Yu Jing, Chia Sue Hwa and Khor Yen Min. We are grateful and satisfied that we managed to complete our Social Psychology assignment within the time given by our lecturer, Mr T. Shankar. Also, we sincerely thank him for the guidance and advice that led us to produce the video, report and presentation slides titled Attraction: Chasing Chemistry.


In this project, students are required to carry out a social psychology conceptual video clip and required to do a presentation in groups of 4 to 5 students. Students may use theories from a choice of topics taught and discussed in class. Students are required to complete three tasks which include producing a video clip by using the concepts learned in class, written report of the video clip and presenting the clip to the class. This project will help students to learn and understand the connections between concepts and perspectives within psychology and with other disciplines. Hence, students will be able to engage in psychological inquiry and become self-regulated learners.


To ensure that our group video entitled Attraction: Chasing Chemistry was filmed realistically, we conducted several discussions on the tools and props needed to complete the storyboard act. Below is a list of items used: Filming Equipment: Two cameras (DSLR 90 and D3100 ) to record a series of short scenes efficiently and from different viewpoints if necessary. Tripod to hold the camera steadily while filming. Two mobile phones (iPhones) to record audio dialogues to be inserted into the video during the editing process. Office chair cameras were placed on it to film scenes in a variety of angles, motions and techniques. Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro FL Studio Audacity YouTubeProps and Costumes Work set Papers, books, materials, a T-square, laptop bag and a laptop, all placed on a drafting table in an architectural studio on campus. Easel as a complementary prop in the ending scene. Nerd costume The main character wears two collared and buttoned T-shirts tucked into jeans with belt, high socks and shoes. He also wears broken spectacles and a digital watch. Popular girl costume The secondary girl character wears a fitting blouse paired with a miniskirt and denim jacket. She also wears hoop earrings and high heels and is always seen with a tote bag, a cup of coffee and her iPhone.

b) PROCEDURESetting:To create a more engaging approach through our video, we filmed our video in a variety of venues, all in Taylors Lakeside Campus. In sequence of the video, these include - An architectural studio in Block E The corridor directly outside An elevator in Block E The Waterfront seating area Subway, the sandwich caf The front steps by the lake Library book aisle and discussion roomTiming:We separated the video into two segments to film on two separate occasions, to maximize the time spent on this assignment. Daytimes were an essential accompaniment to the atmosphere in the video which was vibrant and cheerful, due to good natural lighting.1. Early afternoon around 11 a.m. 2. Early afternoon to mid-afternoon, around 11a.m. to 2p.m.

Operation:1. DiscussionIn depth, pre-discussions were the basis of our videos. After finalizing the main theme of our video through brainstorming, which is attraction and chemistry, we looked deeper to fabricate a main storyline that encompass five most suitable social psychology concepts. Next, all four of us suggested smaller storylines and scenes that would convey each message specifically and clearly. At the same time, we would write down notes for our own reference and also proper documentation.

2. Role delegationThe assignment has several components that needed input from every single man in the team. Thus, we discussed and settled the person-in-charge according to each members skillset for each section, to ensure constant and efficient progress. Everyone is required to pull their own weight. However, as a team, we often suggest areas of improvement and ideas for each other to better the quality of our work. Below is a table of our task delegation system MemberOverall ContextVideo Context

Yu JingMain slides maker and presenterExtra-audio editorMain character, the Nerd

Yen MinVideographerMain video and audio editorTertiary character, Sceptical Friend One

SueMain report writerPresenterSecondary character, the Clich Popular Girl

RazinManpower and assistantTertiary character, Sceptical Friend Two

3. Video FilmingAs mentioned above, we recorded the video on two separate occasions, both times directly after group discussions. Reason being, this kept the focus and memory of the desired video content fresh in our minds, which brought out the mood and spirits of us acting in the video. The two events -

The third scene: The Nerd and Sceptical friends talking by the Waterfront. The first, second and fourth scene: The scenes in the architectural studio, corridor and other various places.

Obtaining a clear command of what was supposed to be achieved for each scene, things were rather smooth during video filming. We often acted out one scene several times to capture the best cut. During which we also contribute in terms of ideas to the actors and videographer, for example, filming angles and techniques, besides quirks and actions to be shown in the video.

Our impromptu way of jazzing up the video definitely contributed to its overall message and mood. Not only that, the speed and flow of filming one scene after another on just two occasions also made the video more continuous. The groups efficiency as a whole created excellent flow of ideas and video quality.

4. Analysis. Tabulation and PresentationBesides the video, presentation slides and the report were components that required input. Proper analysis, research and format were used in the making of each section to deliver clear and concise results. Even though there was a leader for all sections, each group member contributed to each one, which quickened the process. Lastly, we cross-checked everyones work to further improve on necessary areas.

In terms of presentation, we rehearsed a few times to ensure the flow of speech and points to explain our video and report to the class. As a conclusion, operation of the whole assignment was quite smooth without any major challenges. Also satisfying with good company and humour.


To start it off, continuous brainstorming sessions sparked the idea of basing our assignment concept on attraction and chemistry. Although we previously had a list other notions, none came as significant and engaging as this one.

Attraction is defined as the naturalfeelingof being drawn to other individuals and desiring their company. That unconscious yet instinctive pull all individuals have towards another specific personality or aura is what we find particularly intriguing.

The psychology of attraction is the study of what makes people tick. Based on one simple rule: we are attracted to people that turn us on. Not just physically but emotionally too. Inspiring desire and hope in us for something beckoning in the unknown. Leaves us wondering with stars in our hearts and minds. Leading from attraction, a chase for chemistry starts.

Our main theme describes five concepts that are united by a common storyline, that being attraction and chemistry. These five are traits of human psychology that are portrayed and explained in the context of our video, and further backed up by written analysis and study through this report and presented through slides for further understanding. These concepts include the halo effect, the mood-congruent effect, stereotyping, optimistic bias and intrinsic motivation, all illustrated according to the main theme of attraction.


Group discussions first led to recording of aims and techniques we wished to use in the video through paper and pen. Then, we enhanced and strengthened the power of the message by actively displaying five concepts merged in a single storyline. Before proceeding to film the video - We drew a visual storyboard that would guide us through the process of understanding the concepts (included in appendix). A rough script was also written to provide the foundation for the actors to work with. Attached is a copy of the script:ScriptA guy, a nerd in fact, is focused in doing his assignments in the studio. As he was looking at the pieces of materials to find another angle, he noticed a girl walking through the hallway. He was stunned by seeing such beauty from the back, but as she walked by quickly he didnt manage to see her face. He tries to shake off the idea of going after the girl but he cant seem to control his feelings. He burst out of the studio and started chasing after her. But he was too late as she got into the lift before he was close enough to enter the lift. The lift door shuts and he still didnt manage to see the girls face. He missed his chance and knelt before the lift. Disappointed, he went back to the studio to continue hi