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Frame the problem empathize and define

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Text of Frame the problem empathize and define

  • 1. SERGIO TIBERI Frame The Problem: Empathize and Define

2. Empathy Map 3. Say The school is a powerfull tool to get jobs Its necessary to adapt to work as fast as possible They educate us in a single field of our profession Remains to be seen more practical, everyday issues of our profession 4. Think Lack preparation in all areas that our profession has. Teaching should consider other theories. Will I be well prepared to work? It will be good if we can get more labor practices during the school 5. Feel Anxious of not knowing whether she can fulfil the job requirements Frustration with unknowns topics Fear to not be able to adapt to work 6. Do I could not see the subject in action 7. Insights The education system is outdated Students need new ways of teaching Its needed to generate new and better links between the school and the work Students want to learn new knowledge Will we have to think about improving the training of teachers? 8. Problem Statement 9. Problem Statement