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  • 1. The Free Party Free as a Bird
  • 2. The Issues In the Free Party, every being, nationally and internationally, will have the right to be free from government strains. Our three main issues: Iraq Same-sex marriage Immigration
  • 3. The Free Party Presidential Candidate Oprah Winfrey Article II Section I Born in Kosciusko, Mississippi She is 54 years old Born on January 29, 1954 Graduated from Tennessee State University in 1976
  • 4. Continued... Nashville's first black, female TV news anchor in 1971 Co-host of quot;People are Talkingquot; Hosted for quot;Chicago A.Mquot; in 1984 which is now quot;The Oprah Winfrey Showquot; The Oprah Bill Partner in Oxygen Media, Inc The Angel Network The Oprah Foundation Harpo Entertainment Group
  • 5. Why is she fit for the job? Oprah has the capability to fill the number of different roles that a president is required to have. Chief of state- An amazing role model, also looked upon as an idol by many citizens. Chief executive- Oprah holds many responsibilities today and also seeks for problems around the world to adjust. Chief administrator- As chief administrator the president today directs 2.7 million civilians and spends $2 trillion a year. Oprah is very experienced with money and choosing on when and where to spend it. She has shown this by organizing The Angel Network. Chief diplomat- Oprah holds great opinions on world issues, this would help her quot;make foreign policyquot;. She has helped many unfortunate in Africa by building a school.
  • 6. Continued... Commander in chief- Oprah knows when to make a decision that will make or break our country. Her views are often shown on her daily talk show. Oprah could easily fill as commander in chief. Chief legislator- Oprah would not use this position as a way to succeed from others. Oprah will thoughtfully think through all of congress' opinions. She has even created her own legislation called the quot;Oprah Bill.quot; Party chief- Oprah will help play a vital role in the workings of the American Governmental system by holding charge of the executive branch. Chief citizen- Oprah has been an idol to many Americans for years now. Her actions show many of the ways she will serve as a great representative of the American Government.
  • 7. Five Cabinet Positions Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton Treasury: Timothy F. Geithner Homeland security: Janet Napolitano Defense: Robert M. Gates Education: James B Hunt Jr.
  • 8. Secretary of State The secretary of state speaks for the Unites States in the United Nation and international organization. Also, the secretary of state negotiates treaties and makes agreements with foreign nation. It is important to pick someone who can represent the country. We picked Hilary Clinton for secretary of state. She ran for presidential candidate and she worked with his husband, former president Bill Clinton. As a member of the senate Armed Services committee, she has visited 80 countries. We thought that she is well experienced for this position.
  • 9. Treasury Secretary Treasury Secretary is The nation's chief financial officer formulating domestic and international financial, economic and tax policy. Also, borrows money to pay government's bills, oversees regulation of national bank and savings instituitions, directs the design and manufacture of currency and runs the internal Revenue Service. Timothy F. Geithner was undersecretary for international affairs in last two years of Clinton's administration. He ran the Fed's operations in New York for past five years and served as the vice president of committee that sets interest rates.
  • 10. Homeland Security Secretary Coordinate the several different agencies that jurisdiction over domestic security. The Federal Emergency Management Agency - Response to natural and man-made disasters. The Transportation Security Administration - Ensures safety at airports, ports,and railroads. Secret Service - Protects top officials and investigate counterfeiting. Janet Napolitano is the governor of Arizona. Arizona was the first state which started its own homeland security strategy. She was first governor to call national security to be stationed at southern boarder.
  • 11. Education Secretary - In charge of national education and trying to achieve excellence and equal opportunities. -James B Hunt Jr. was chosen as the Education Secretary because as governor of North Carolina, he improved his states education systems and brought up the states test scores. - In the Free Party, we believe that education is important and the No-Child-Left-Behind law should be reconstructed or all together abolished.
  • 12. Defense Secretary - In charge of armed forces and military matters. - Robert M. Gates was chosen because of his experience with both Afghanistan and Pakistan. - The free party needs someone who can take control, and Robert M. Gates has had experience under the Clinton Presidency so we believe he is well equipped for the job.