Friends Forever RLA Realistic Fiction Story by Jeremy Tan

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  • 1. Friends Forever By Jeremy Tan

2. After School November 21st-22nd, 2016 Dinner At Home Next Day at School Next Day After School 3. My Family Desmond Brunner 11 years old, sixth grade Matthew Brunner Says hes 30 years old Proud Dad and lawyer Felicia Brunner You dont have to put my age in. Supportive mother and chemistry teacher Baxter Brunner 17 years old, senior Annoying Decent older brother Orion Graham 12 years old, sixth grade Best friend/ Brother 4. Ori and I Weve been friends since daycare. Theres footage of us playing together. We like the same sports teams, And soda, And weather We always save seats for each other. We always team up on the field. We always stick up for each other. And teachers, and colors, and sports, and music, and classes, and shows, And A LOT of other things. We both have scars on our forearms that one time we cut ourselves hopped over Mr. Kirkpatricks fence 5. Other People Mondy DB Little Brunner Baxters Little Brother The Des-Man Dezzie Brun-Brun Ori Graham: DEZ 6. The Walk Back Home So, Do you want to hang out at my house? He stares down at his Nikes. Sorry, cant. Not today. We always hang out on Wednesdays, ever since 2nd grade. Im going to a movie with some guys. Who are you going with? Evan Kurtnik and his friends. 7. Evan is a BAD Kid (and so are his friends) 8. Me: You shouldnt be friends with Evan. Ori: Why? You think Im only allowed to be your friend? Me: No, its just that Evan is a bully. Ori: So I can either be friends with you or Evan? Me: No, no. Its not like that, just- Ori: Will you still be as trusting as a friend if I hung out with Evan? Me: (Lying)Yes 9. Words of Advice Just ditch him. Ive gone through all of this when I was your age. Either beat him up or just ditch him. Baxter: Mom: Just back off for a bit and let him spend some time with his new friends. Dad: You sound a bit too attached. You are your own person, you know that right? Youre not responsible for him, thats Oris parents problem. 10. Your vision switches on and off. The Fight The pain shoots through you and then it dulls. But it takes a while before it leaves. You taste blood and it doesnt surprise you. You can sense that there is blood in other places too. 11. I am Oris best friend. Best friends stick together no matter what. Ditching him would make me selfish, disloyal, and a bad friend. But is this just a phase, a few bad moments? Or is it a whole new Ori? Kills peoples pets. Bullies other students: Physically, Metally, Socially. Beats up little kids Doesnt want to be cool. Wants to be powerful. The Thought Process 12. The Phone Call Hey Dez? Yeah, look. Im sorry about the fight, maybe you can hang out with us next week or something, if Evan thinks its cool, okay? ***CALL ENDED***