Fun Math Games For Kids

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  1. 1. Fun math games 4 kidsMost kids like playing video games because they are fun and gives them a great adrenalinrush. If we can make this practice of them advantages, whereas they would learn whilethey play, you will find great ways to make their play time productive. That is the mainmotto of fun math games 4 kids.Why are math games effective?As a child approaches level after level in a gaming platform, they feel themselves to beimproving on the subject which is a very difficult feeling to be induced by plain teachingmethods. When a kid feels the improvement from within, they then to keep going at it fora much longer time, hence, they get to spend more time learning, which isnt the case,otherwise.The other reason is that fun math games 4 kids provide instant results which can be veryadvantageous. Most of the time, when a child scored an A in his/her class, the adrenalinrush that he/she has at that moment to outdo others in the class is high but wears down intime. In games, they get an instant result which gives them a feel of achieving A in theirscorecard and gives them an enthusiasm to keep going.What research says?Math games have positive impact on how students look at the subject.All the reports show either an improvement in their score or maintenance of the samegrade but none shows a decrease in scores.
  2. 2. A research conducted by Seigler and Ramani indicates that playing number line gameshelps students improve in: Identifying numerals Counting Comparing number magnitudes Understanding a numberAll in all, playing math games has many positive aspects and proven results to betaken out of contest.Selecting the right games for your kids: This is the most important aspect for you to consider as a parent/guardian. Choosing theright games for your kids depending on their attributes and grade level will provide betterresults than just playing a random game.Here on our website, we help you make this decision simpler. All the math games arecategorized according to the grade level and you can also see a detailed description on thetopics the game covers. So, you can choose a game depending on the topics or the gradelevel your child is in. For example, for a 4th grader, playing Multiplication Baseballwould be the right option as that is one of the topics that he has to prepare for as per hiscurriculum.Every game has been tested throughout to have a positive learning curve of the topic andcontain enough level to take the learning at a slow but effective pace. By the end of everygame, you can be sure that your child has a good grasp on the topic the game was on.We have a huge collection of games based on all the topics starting from Number sense,Multiplication, word games, geometry etc. You can be sure that you can find games onany topic here. So, anytime your child is having problem with a specific topic, all youhave to do is, find a game specific to that topic and have your child play it. At the end ofthe game, you can be sure that your child will have a better grasp of the topic. This is anadvantage that you can get from fun math games 4 kids.