Fun ways to Teach English for Very Young Learners

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  1. 1. Fun Ways to Teach English for Very Young Learners Hertiki
  2. 2. Passing Activity Divide the students into groups Hold an object Say the target language, for example: Its a banana Pass the object to the students Hertiki
  3. 3. Shooting Letters Hertiki Write some letters on the board Mention one of the letters Ask the students in turn to shoot the letter with something sticks on the board
  4. 4. Do What I Say Give an instruction to the students like Jump but at the same time the teacher does a different action like Walk Hertiki
  5. 5. Find the Difference Prepare two different pictures A and B that has similar pictures Find and circle the differences Hertiki
  6. 6. Fishing Draw and cut out paper fish Write something on them and put paper clips on each fish Scatter the fish on the floor or on the box Give a fishing line with a magnet for each team Compete to catch the fish Hertiki
  7. 7. Find Someone Who Hertiki Prepare a paper with questions Do you ? Ask the question to other students until the answer YES If a child say YES, write down the name of the child next to the question
  8. 8. Hopscotch Draw hopscotch with a chalk on the floor Write words or numbers in each square Throw a stone to the square Hop to the square and read the word Pick up the stone Hertiki
  9. 9. Paper Airplanes Make an airplane from paper Fly the paper airplane to the object in the classroom by saying what they hit For example, chair Hertiki
  10. 10. Listen-Color Prepare a worksheet with many pictures on it Ask the students to listen and follow teachers instruction For example, color the duck with yellow Hertiki
  11. 11. Miming Give a card to a child that contains a picture For example, dancing Ask the child to mime the action to his classmates Hertiki
  12. 12. Chopstick Prepare chopsticks, bowls, peanuts and flashcards Teacher shows the flash card and asks what is this? If the answer is correct, pick a peanut up by using chopsticks and drop it in a bowl Hertiki
  13. 13. Role-Play Organize the children to be buyers and sellers Give some stuffs to be displayed, money, lists to the sellers and buyers I want a please and of course Hertiki
  14. 14. Memory Divide the class into groups Lay out cards on the floor Ask the students to memorize all the pictures and find the same pictures Hertiki
  15. 15. Snowball Hold a ball and throw it to a child by saying I want to eat pizza The child repeats the sentence and adds one more sentence For example: I want to eat pizza, I want to eat rice The sentences get longer and difficult to remember Hertiki
  16. 16. Running Dictation Divide the children into two groups Two students from each group come forward and face to the white board The second child dictate something to the first child like draw two triangles for the eyes Hertiki
  17. 17. Musical Chair Arrange eight chairs in a circle for nine students Play the music and have the children dance and sing around the circle When the music is stopped, the children try to sit on a chair and only one child will not get the seat Hertiki
  18. 18. Blindfold Divide the students into two teams and get a child to be a leader from each team to paste a picture on the board Give one child a blindfold and a picture The other members call out left, right, go straight to get their leader to the board and touch the target with the picture Hertiki
  19. 19. BINGO Each child is given a BINGO card which consists of numbers, letters or pictures Mention a number and ask the students to cross out on their cards Hertiki
  20. 20. Whispering Prepare some words Divide the students into two groups Whisper the words to the first child of both group A and group B The first child whispers the message to the next child until the last child gets the message The team which can repeat the message first gets a point Hertiki
  21. 21. Guess Who Think one family members such as Father, Mother, Sister, Brother Call a child to sit on the hot chair The rest of students in turn ask YES/NO questions to find out who the person is If the answer YES, the students can try to guess the answer Hertiki
  22. 22. Hertiki