Fun with Fingers! Activities, Apps, & Tools for Teaching Kids

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Text of Fun with Fingers! Activities, Apps, & Tools for Teaching Kids

  • Finger Fun! Learning Activities & Ideas with Fingers
  • Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning. ~ Fred Rogers Finger Puppets by Bart, Flickr
  • hand action or movement combined with singing or spoken-words to engage ~ Wikipedia What is nger play?
  • Use nger plays to Llama Finger Puppet by Ryan Hyde, Flickr Teach grammar Manage the class Support a story Teach vocabulary Transition to the next task
  • Famous Finger Games Thumb War by Nate Swart, Flickr Finger soccer Thumb war 1,2,3 shoot Rock, paper, scissors
  • Shadow Puppets!
  • Famous Fingerplays Where is Thumbkin? Itsy, Bitsy Spider 5 Little Monkeys Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Lets make characters! My Grandmas Finger Puppets by Nat Tung, Flickr Playdough Paper Draw them Felt Material
  • Draw them Use washable markers & crayons Pick a friend & draw on your friends fingers
  • Cool Finger Faces Free IOS App
  • Draw & color them
  • plays-by-shelly-sanchez-terrell/ Animate with Blabberize
  • Spanish Storytime by Pioneer Library System, Flickr Demonstrate the gestures
  • Put them in a Wiki Video examples Gestures Lyrics
  • Introduce with a video
  • Learn by video with Cullen!
  • Cullens Fingerplay Free Videos IOS Apps
  • Character Sets for Story Time Kids have a set of characters & objects Ask kids a question They choose the character to put on the glove
  • Underwater Scene Feltboard by bengarrison, Flickr, CC 2.0 Follow-up with a felt board
  • Tara and finger puppet theatre by Dimitrij Mlekuz, Flickr Throw a show
  • Fingerplay Script by
  • Dino Finger Puppets 05 by Lansing Library, Flickr Set the stage
  • Cool Apps
  • Finger Paint with Sound Free IOS/Android App
  • Finger Measure Free IOS/Android App
  • Horror Faces Free IOS App Create horror faces with your ngers


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