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Social Networking & Media for the 2009 NWA Association of Fundraising Professionals. We start out with what we are, going to what we have become, to where we will be in the future. Come walk through my take on how fundraising is changing and become more effective for the long run.


Social Networking & Media

Fund Friend SocialPaul PrewittElectronic Communications Coordinator

They are doing it, so must we to succeed!What A Big Fancy Mess

Where do we start?

Start With Your ContentYour Sites ContentMake it FUN

Make it Social

Save Your Brand/Name

Determine Your MarketFocus to the markets your content works with. You dont have to do it all.

Ill do anything to help out a friend.Focusing on Friend Raising

Start Building RelationshipsFund RaisingFriend RaisingI get something back.When it is worth the effort.It impacts someone I know.Makes me feel good.How can I help.Think nothing of it.Just call and Ill be there.What are friends for.


Pay it Forward

Watch it Spread

Use tools to help you get the job done.Making Life Easier

Hootsuite 2.0


Going Mobile

We can track results on Social Media.Show Me the Money!

Tools to help track Social MediaThere is two main types of interactions that can be tracked with Social Media.

Return on Engagement or also referred to as reach. Return on Investment

Soap, Lather, Rinse & RepeatRemember that with Social Media we are always following the old adage of Soap, Lather, Rinse & Repeat (or at first you dont succeed try, try again).Remember if it is not workingfor you, then maybe its justnot your thing.WATCH YOUR BOTTOM LINE