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NAF believes that all students should have the advantage of a high quality, paid internship before they graduate high school. But how is every academy supposed to achieve this ambitious goal? A series of sequenced work-based learning experiences throughout the academy experience will set up NAF students and partners for internship success. NAF has gathered effective work-based learning and advisory board development practices from across the network and organized them into the exciting new Work-Based Learning Center at Learn how the Work-Based Learning Center was developed from the NAF network leaders themselves and how to utilize these tools to help your academy reach 100%. This session will provide time for participants to explore the site, so please bring a laptop, tablet, or other internet-ready device to the session.

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  • 1. #NAFNext2014 DO NOW: Make a list of high-quality tools you use when coordinating work-based learning activities. Why are they high-quality tools?

2. Getting to 100%: NAFs Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Rich Tulikangas- National Director of Work-Based Learning James Cole- Region-4 Manager of Work-Based Learning Sonja Brouwers- WBL Coord.-Clark High School AOF, Advisory Board Leadership Council, and Work-Based Learning Innovation Fellow Jim Nicholson- Senior Director/Investments-Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. and Co-Chair Advisory Board Leadership Council 3. Outcomes Understand how to find the WBL Center Understand whats on the WBL Center Easily navigate the resources on the WBL Center Agenda Background WBL Structure Scavenger Hunt Question and Answer Evaluation Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 4. Background NEED for WBL Center: 32 years of resources Too many tools and resources SOLUTION: Assessment of tools from across the network NAF Approach reaffirmed Combination of tools New website for work-based learning and advisory board tools and resources Work in progress Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 5. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Six Sections: About NAF Approach Build Your Plan Work-Based Learning Tools Advisory Board Tools Useful Links 6. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #1 Scenario 1: I serve as chair of my NAF academy advisory board. How would I explore the possibility of our advisory board forming its own non-profit? 7. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #2 Scenario 2: As a brand new academy director I know that we have some students participating in job shadows and internships, but think we should be doing a better job of providing all of our students with WBL opportunities. Where can I find a sample structure for grades 9-12. 8. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #3 Scenario 3: Ive been hired as our academys first Work-Based Learning Coordinator. One of our goals is to give each student an extended, compensated, hands-on career preparation experience with one of our business partners. I also want to assure a high- quality experience for students and business partners. Where would I find a clear definition of a high-quality career preparation experience? 9. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #4 Scenario 4: Last year I arranged two-site visits with a local bank and an investment company for my finance academy students. The tours went well and were appreciated by the students, but Im wondering what I could do to better prepare students to make the most of these experiences. 10. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #5 Scenario 5: Our hospital has a long-standing partnership with two area NAF AOHSs. We cant accommodate all of the students that are interested in internships with us. As a responsible business partner and advisory board member I would like to have information I can use to show other area health care businesses how they can benefit from getting involved. 11. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Question and Answer 12. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Closing Remarks dlearningwebsitefeedback