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Presentation slide about the issue of some countries not properly equipped with proper sanitation


Health (Proper Sanitation)

Health (Proper Sanitation)Group Members : Tan Jian Wei , Justin Ho, Benjamin Tan and Dean Lok

Inadequacy of SanitationWhat It means:The lack of basic water No access to proper excreta disposal facilities , or to simplify, no toilets

Inadequacy of sanitationHow does it affect the people?:This usually happens to people in poorer communitiesThese people usually have a shorter lifespan , because they are more vulnerable towards bacteria, viruses and parasites found in human waste . What these issues means is that they are more exposed towards diseases such as cholera, typhoid and other infectious diseases that kill millions of people every year.Inadequacy of sanitationWHY?! What caused this to happen?:For lack of clean water supply , its caused by sewage pollution!For toilets , Its because the communities are too poor to afford for toilets . Inadequacy of sanitationHere are some statistics:Heres a short video Support the World Toilet Organization! Give a Shit!Social Entrepreneur Jack Sim Social Entrepreneur Who is Jack Sim?Founder of World Toilet Organization (WTO)When Jack was in his 40s , he felt the need to change his direction in life and give back to humanity he wanted to live his life according to the motto Live a useful life. And so , He created a organisation which linked many existing other similar organisations

Social Entrepreneur So What has he done ? : He started ' World Toilet Day ' , It was created to to raise global awareness of the struggle 2.6 billion face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation.Social Entrepreneur What else have he done? : Jack founded the World Toilet College to provide high quality training in Toilet Design, Maintenance, Cleanliness and Ecological Sanitation Technologies. The college is a joint venture with the Singapore Polytechnic.He has now developed a SaniShop franchise model to teach the poor how to produce and how to sell small affordable sanitation systems below U$40 per family with the support of Index Award, Rockefeller, Unilever and Singapore Economic Development Board.

Social Entrepreneur :What can we take away from him ?While here we are in Singapore , with proper sanitation everywhere . There really are many other places without this privileges that we have (India , China , Indonesia )Its not very likely that we will be embarking on such a amazing journey like Jack Sim . We can still help in little ways such as donating money to organisation which can help , or even just spreading the awareness .

Credits?: HoDean LokTan Jian WeiBenjamin Tan