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GM foods is a complex issue and one that is hard to untangle even for the aware and interested. This interactive workshop will get teachers to explore the ethics of GM foods and give them the basis of a SAC and other class activities to give students the tools to critically analyse information they will be exposed to on this topic and to think beyond just the technical aspects of the science


  • 1. GM Foods: Beyond the media Frankenfood GM foods solve world hunger

2. 3. 4. DNA and genes

  • All living things share at least some genes.
  • This is how related you are to....
  • A chimpanzee: 96%
  • A mouse: 80%
  • A fruit fly: 66%
  • A cabbage: about 40%

5. Number of genes between humans differ between 0.1-.05% 6. GM crops approved for human consumption in Australia

  • Cotton (linters, oil)
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Sugarbeet
  • Potato (potato starch)
  • Canola (oil)

7. GT techniques

  • Agrobacterium
  • Biolistics
  • Electroporation
  • Biomarker technology

8. 9. 5-6% increase in digestibility = 27% increase in milk production. Research by Molecular Plant Breeding CRC Cellulose microfibril Hemicellulose Lignin 10. Digestibility Analysis of Transgenic plant Transgenic Control Research by Molecular Plant Breeding CRC 11. Active voices versus majority voices = The majority of the public are in the middle Low High 12. GM food crops: trends over time Significant increase in awareness and positive perceptions of GM food crops since 2005. 13. Agree/disagree, acceptable/unacceptable

  • GM rice with increased nutrition (eg. iron, Vitamin A)
  • Pest resistant cotton (contain bacterial genes)
  • GM pasture, wheat, etc with drought tolerance
  • GM rice with human genes

14. The big questions

  • What are the risk/benefits (scientific and social)?
  • How can the risks be managed?
  • How acceptable or not are these risks when compared with the potential benefits?
  • What is safe?
  • What is natural?
  • What is long-term?