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  1. 1. Going Shopping A: Hi! How are you today? B: Very well. Where are you going?
  2. 2. A: To the Shopping Mall. How about you? B: I m going to Shopping Mall,too. A: Let s go shopping. Let s go shopping. We know just what we want. shop I go to the shop. shop My friend and I like to shop.
  3. 3. shopping Jane and Jim go shopping. shopping We are shopping at the supermarket. Where do you go shopping? shop market supermarket mall department store store shopping mall
  4. 4. At the Shopping Mall , I go to the))))). bakery restaurant bookstore
  5. 5. Gift shop toy shop furniture store shoes store
  6. 6. electronics store Jewelry store florist eyeglasses store
  7. 7. sport outfit store dress shop pet shop Hardware store
  8. 8. Grocery store